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Faecal Calprotectin at 140 - is this bad?

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Hi Everyone,

I had a stool sample a week ago and blood tests following some stomach cramps for about 10 days. My doctor called me yesterday to say my faecal calprotectin is 140 with a normal level at 50. She initially said she was referring me to the hospital but then oddly changed her mind and said do another sample in a weeks time.

She said my bloods came back just fine which was a bit reassuring. I told her I suffer really badly with health anxiety but she didn't really listen and was saying the reason could be inflamed bowel disease of Crohns, or even a bacterial infection.

I did ask the question, could it be cancer, which she said shes not thinking about that at all.

I know you shouldn't Google, but I did and it seems 140 is kind of borderline. Does a persons diet affect this? I don't eat meat, I rarely eat veg and have generally been living off pizzas and takeaways during lockdown.



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Hi Andy. PM me and I’ll happily discuss this further. Mine was 900 but then went down to 108-140. Your doctor did right retesting as under 50 is generally negative and over 200 is positive and the middle bit is grey so the advice is to retest in a month to see its altered. Anything such as an infection or alcohol use can temporarily increase it:

If it was IBD you’d usually see it a lot higher unless it’s only just beginning but I’d expect it to be 3-400+. Some people say IBS dan slightly elevate it but People have mixed view on this.

Do you get any other symptoms? Blood/ mucus?

My latest one is just under 400. Any advice for me would be good too. I've had one at over 700 before Christmas. Diagnosed IBS. I say IBS with benefits as it's just a fabulous method of losing weight when in a flare... NOT

Have you had any screening done? Feel free to message me too. IBS wouldn’t raise it to 700. If you go on calprotectin.co.uk they tell you what the results point towards. 700 is definitely IBD. What are your symptoms and how long have they been going on? Medication?

Yes had Colonoscopy, MRI endoscopy, stool tests, blood tests, BAM test. Apart from stool test oh and MRCP, the others were ok just not much folate.

Lost a lot of weight initially about 4 years ago, occasional blood, nausea vomiting, stomach pain diarrhea. Had the tests in 2018 after being admitted to hospital in the January of that year. Within 6 months they'd looked at what they could. I had my gallbladder out in 2015. Had stomach issues on and off for a while before that. I'm glad nothing more sinister was found but not sure why I still feel sick.

Mostly I'm very tired these days with some bad flares every 4-6 months. I just go on a bland diet and mush it into soup to give my guts a rest. I still work but sometimes it's hard. I'm supposed to be having another Colonoscopy but I doubt this will happen any time soon.

I don't suffer with anxiety and I have a job I love but when I get home I'm too knackered to do anything

Interesting as it sounds very tell tale of IBD. Did they take biopsies? Did you have a small intestine camera down the throat? Perhaps the issue is further up and Crohn’s disease? Colonoscopy only does the large bowel. Colitis can only affect the large bowel but Crohns can affect both.

One thing for sure is IBS doesn’t cause blood. Infections, ulcers, IBD, cancer etc would but don’t worry about the latter as that would have shown up on the colonoscopy. It sounds like microscopic colitis to me or crohns

Failing that, if all tests have come back negative than that is a good sign. Perhaps an infection raised your calprotectin. Just 700 is very high and very IBD typical.

I’d maybe contact your gastro team at your local hospital? They should have an IBD nurse team who usually are very helpful

No biopsies taken as colon looked ok but for some diverticular disease which was fine at the time. Had endoscopy from the other end some gastritis but nothing else. The mouth ulcers are less of an issue at the minute but these were bad over the winter. I think because I was low in folate, just finished a course of folic acid so should be ok for a bit. MRI clear except for dilated intra and extra hepatic ducts probably due to gallbladder removal some 3 years earlier.

With not having an IBD I don't have access to IBD nurses. My calprotectin has been elevated for 18 months but they're not concerned as they can't see anything. Personally I feel like the Colonoscopy I'm booked in for will be a waste of time as I don't think the issue is in my colon.

I had a blockage at the end of May and the pain was like nothing else. I did go to A&E twice over bank holiday weekend but only got an ultrasound Thursday the week after where they said my lady bits were ok but they couldn't see if my appendix was inflamed. So for now I just deal with stuff my way when it happens. I am on lansoprozole for the reflux. I have anti sickness and codeine if the pain gets bad.

I can't do anything about being tired, trying some multi vitamins and probiotics again. To be honest it makes me feel like I'm helping myself to get by. I've done fodmap diet, but now I do a modified version of it which mostly helps as I know what most of my triggers are. However saying this one day you can eat something fine and the next time you have it, it's not fine.

It’s a weird case I must admit

Raised calprotectin only comes from something within the intestinal tract though so bare that in mind. I’m sure if they took biopsies of the colon to check for colitis etc then it might represent itself

You don’t just get those symptoms and test results for nothing. I think they need to dig further. It’s good they’ve ruled out sinister issues but it’s not helped improve your Symptoms or find the route cause. X

I've booked in for a private consultation with someone next week. Not sure I want anything else to be honest. IBS with benefits is enough lol

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