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Raised faecal calprotectin levels

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Hi, I'm new to this site. I've been suffering abdominal pain and loose stools for the last few years and have made regular trips to the gp who said they thought it was IBS so prescribed mebeverine and sent me away. My symptoms worsened and the pain is radiating to my lower back also and there are days where I am so nauseas. Anyway, after repeat trips to gp they referred me to a gynaecologist as I was describing a heavy feeling low down and pain. Gynaecologist referred me to gastro consultant as they wanted to rule out bowel issues. In march I had my first appointment and he ordered various stool samples and said he would write to me with results and any further action to be taken if any needed.

Anyway, I didn't hear from him and I phoned to chase up but still didn't hear anything so assumed all was fine. My pain has worsened the last 4 weeks and it's really starting to affect my daily life. So back to gp I went who gave me the results of the stool sample 6 months ago!!! This showed raised levels of faecal calprotectin which concerns me because at the time of sample my stomach actually wasn't too bad so I'm dreading what it is now!!! I'm now waiting to hear from consultant re another appointment but I'm getting myself really quite worked up about what this could be so any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks

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Hi, i can understand your worried. Do you know what your faecal calprotectin result was? Also when you were having problems did you have blood tests done? what were the results?

IBD will give faecal results are over 110. As a rough guide a result of 0 is normal, and 50-110 indicates IBS. IBS will not give a higher result than this. In IBS the inflammatory markers in bloods are not raised either

Also do you find when its bad you are passing blood and mucus ? and have you lost weight ? how many times where you having your bowels opened and what was the consistency ?. sorry to ask so many questions but it will help me give you the right advice.

Im on a long shift today but I will get back to you this evening if I hear from you x

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Thank you for replying.

I had a full blood count last week and that came back fine. My faecal calprotectin was 261. When my stomach is bad, from the second I wake up in the morning I need to use the toilet and my stools are loose, not watery but very loose. Then I will need the toilet about 4 or 5 times before leaving the house in the morning. Anything I eat seems to go straight through me. The pain in my stomach tends to be the lower left or right as it seems to chop and change but my hips are beginning to hurt quite a lot also. From time to time I suffer really bad indigestion too. I have never passed blood but yes I do get mucus quite regularly. X

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A faecal calprotectin of 261 would definitely indicate IBD. and your symptoms would also suggest IBD. A full blood count doesn't really show anything unless you are bleeding a lot (show anaemia), or if you are neutropaenic (from meds). It will show a raised white cell count but this can be raised from a cold, so is not used on its own. Usually a blood sample for either ESR or CRP is taken. These measure your inflammatory markers, so above a certain level will inform the Dr there is inflammation and to what degree.

Hang in there, and please dont hesitate to ask any questions you may have x

Hi, I have since been back to gp and they have done further blood tests to check for inflammation and they came back fine.

However, I suffer from a lot of lower back pain and when I bend over the pain shooting through my stomach is unbearable. I have been getting a a lot of discomfort in my hips recently and today the pain is so bad I can barely walk or lift my right leg! Wondering if this is common or related to ibd or something separate?

My gastro consultant has requested a colonoscopy but still waiting on a date.

Ask to be tested for Haemochromatosis just too time it out but to me it seems like with Colitis or Crohns (I have Haemochromatosis and Crohns)

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