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Faecal Calprotectin

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I've been having problems with diarrhoea for over two weeks. Loperamide didn't help. GP wanted samples of what I produce to send to the lab. They tested for every virus and bacteria that can be treated nothing showed up. He said Faecal Calprotectin level is usually 10 - 50 mine is 679. He said its an indication of inflammatory bowel disease. He wants another sample in two weeks. I'm not keen on eating much as I'm frightened it will start this problem again. I have some autoimmune conditions including Coeliac diseases. Was wondering if anyone has had a high level of the calprotectin and what happened. Thank you.

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Although your calprotectin level is “high” (as in above normal) readings in excess of 2000 have been reported on this site. The high reading just means you are more likely to have IBD than IBS. I, personally, suffer with Crohn’s disease, and have done for 52 years now. As with most things you learn to make adjustments and cope with whatever is thrown at you.

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Thank you Freedman for your reply, its very much appreciated. Yes GP said it can be an indication of IBD. Hopefully I don't have it as I have a low reading compared with some who have had 2000. Sorry you suffer from Crohn's disease and good to know that you learn to make adjustments and have been coping fir 52 years. I certainly know how to cope with things thrown at you as I've quite recently been diagnosed with a serious heart condition. I'm finding the prospect of unexpected diarrhoea stressful. I have lost half a stone in two weeks. If I could rely on Loperamide it would be a help. I'll try to be positive like you, its the best way. Many thanks.


I think celiac disease can lead to elevated calprotectin levels. Are you under a specialist for your Celiac disease? And is it well managed? Other things can cause false positive results such as the use of certain painkillers.

I hope you get sorted soon, it’s not nice being scared to eat.

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Thank you Broken _Doll for your reply. I have had Coeliac Disease for 20 years and it is well managed. I was diagnosed by Consultant Gastroenterologist. I know everything there is to know about gluten free & lactose free food. I also have to avoid yeast. Also have to be careful to make sure there is not much fat in food too. My tummy is easily upset. I had never heard of Calprotectin until GP mentioned it this month. Hopefully it's a false positive. Many thanks again it's much appreciate.

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Having a low fibre diet will help whilst this is happening. Hopefully this, i.e. low fibre, won't interfere with your coeliac.

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Thank you Shoeysmum. That's what I'm not sure of, what to eat. To settle this terrible episode that lasted two weeks and I had no idea what was wrong I tried the BRAT diet which was banana rice applesauce and gluten free toast. I felt the toast didn't agree with me so I had my gluten free crackers instead. I've lost weight but I'm not sure what to eat as I don't want this IBD to start up again it was terrible. When I wasn't at the loo I just slept. Thank you again I'll stick with low fibre diet.

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Hi hearty1

This link will give you more information about fodmap foods ibsdiets.org/fodmap-diet/fo...

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Wow thank you for the link I didn't know about fodmap foods, I've saved the link. I noticed it says ibs diets. Will that be ok as the GP said its ibd I seem to have? Many thanks you are so kind.

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Yes, it's fine Hearty1. I have ibd (UC) and there are some of the 'bad' foods on those lists that play havoc with me. When I'm in a flare I have to try to avoid most of these same 'bad' foods too.

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Shoeysmum in reply to Shoeysmum

By the way, some of the symptoms of ibs are very similar to those of ibd.

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Right the symptoms of ibs are very similar to those of ibd. When the GP told me the results of the test he said it was not ibs as the calprotectin indicates ibd. I just wonder how this all started. Many thanks for your help, it's very much appreciated.

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I just don't know why my Calprotectin was high. I hadn't eaten anything different. I am on a very strict gluten free diet. I only like plain foods anyway. But with being ill for the two weeks I'm only having chicken breast and baked potato with no skin for dinner. The GP said inflammatory bowel disease but I don't know what as I see there seems to be two. I'm sorry to hear that you have ibd uc. It must be difficult dealing with that. How was it diagnosed? Hope you don't mind me asking. Is it the bad foods that start your flare up? My tummy seems settled at the mo, long may that last!

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Chicken and baked potato without the skin is ideal.

I was passing blood but with no other symptoms so my GP referred me for a colonoscopy. Whilst I was recovering from the procedure I started passing all the nasty things that are associated with a flare up and so began my very first flare up :(. I've only had one more in the almost 3 years since my diagnosis which I learned about during the colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy itself isn't so bad provided you ask for sedation but the prep the day before is something else!

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That's good that you have only had one other flare in three years. So that's positive. The GP said there was no blood in the samples sent to the lab. But it had the 679 calprotectin. That's why he said ibd. I certainly do not want another colonoscopy! Yes the prep is horrendous!!! I thought I was going to die! I had the tube down to begin with then up at another appointment before I was diagnosed with Coeliac. I said at the time I will never go through that again! Have a lovely day and thank you.


I had a calprotectin level of 2228! And it's still up there despite medication gggrrr. With a high reading you should be sent off for a colonoscopy to find out what's going on. Im not much help as only recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis myself and it's been a bugger to control. I hope you get some answers soon and do t worry.

Thank you Lanadc88 for your reply. Oh goodness that's a high calprotectin level. Mine is nothing compared to yours. Has your reading gone down a bit now? I had never heard of calprotectin until the GP phoned to give me the lab results. I've had a colonoscapy, endoscopy and barium follow through a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. The prep was so horrendous I thought I was going to die! I said I would never go through that again! The GP wants another sample from me end of this week to send to the lab. I hope its within the normal levels this time. I'm being so careful with what I eat so things don't get majorly upset like it was two weeks ago.

I hope you're ulcerative colitis is calming down a bit. Positive thoughts on the way for you. Hope you feel a bit better soon.

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Lanadc88 in reply to hearty1

Thank you so much. I'm not sure if it's gone down yet as I was put on a 3 month treatment plan to try and lower it so my appointment should be through anyday now for another test. Hopefully it has lowered although symptoms havent improved :(. Yes the prep can be awful and is the worst part of the procedure generally but you just have to tell yourself it's worth it in the end if you can get some answers and treatment from it. I hope you improve soon. Best wishes

Thank you Lanadc88. Oh I hope its down for you and the three month treatment plan is working. Is the plan special medication for three months?

I hope mine is back to the normal level. Sample going to the GP Monday to be sent to the lab. Don't think the result will take very long this time. Not like the other sample which took two weeks as they were checking for bacteria & viruses. Nothing found so that's why GP said the level is an indication on ibd.

Thank you for being positive with me. Prep will be worth it! Oh no! I'll need a general for the procedure! Might not come to that as today tummy feels a bit more settled it's been a month now. Only eating the b r a t diet so maybe it's helping at last.

Best wishes

Let me know how u get on. I'm just on antiflammatory suppositories to try and lower the calprotectin at the moment and steroids. Always here if u need a chat

Right that's the treatment plan. I just hope this problem I've had for a month is just a blip and everything is back to normal now.

Thank you for the offer if I need a chat, much appreciated.

Hope everything settles for you.

Sending positive thoughts.

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Avastu in reply to hearty1

Hi there,

How are you? Have you done your calprotecin test again?

Hi Avastu,

Nice to hear from you. Yes I did send a sample to the GP. He sent it to the lab but he received a letter from the lab to say that they only want a sample 120 days after the first sample. So I'm no further forward. The GP said to hand in a sample in four months. My tummy is settled at the moment but I'm being extra careful with what I eat.

I hope you are managing and keeping ok.

Many thanks for contacting me, it's much appreciated.

Glad to hear that you are doing good.

My husband has 922 calprotecin, our gp sent referal for urgent colonscopy ,but the waiting period is so long ,we thought to visit private gastro specialist for consultant. He checked my husband from top to bottom and said everything is fine.blood results were normal .

He said us to again do the calprotecin test and some parasite test,,and again if it comes high then he will refer for us colonscopy which we have to pay out of pocket for going private.

At the moment,my husband is having gas ,heartburn and bloating sometimes and dry cough, dont know where is it coming from.

I just feel scare sometimes,because on the lab paper it was written the high calprotecin level means ibd or likely colorectal cancer..

Hi Avastu

I don't know about blood tests but perhaps something shows up in the blood if colon cancer is present? You said your husband's blood results were normal so that's promising. I think with colon cancer diarrhoea can effect the patient? The GP said its one of the better cancers to treat. But your husband may not have it. Try to think positive, its the best way. I try to do that too.

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Avastu in reply to hearty1

Thankyou for your words.

The gastro specialist also said that,there is nothing to worry....he said there may be inflammation or infection or parasites, just do the test again.

That's good. So just keep thinking what the Gastroenterologist said he will know best. See what the next test will show. Best wishes to you and your husband.

Thankyou sweet for wishes🥰

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