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Anxious with a 117 calprotin measured

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Hello i just got my stool results back with a 117 and it says below 50 is normal and between 50-120 is borderline and anything above is abnormal. Is it possible it can be IBS or something more serious like crohns disease or ulcerative colitis? I’m 20 years old and i’m very anxious and have had horrible anxiety for the past 6 years. I rarely get diarrhea and i’ve never had blood in my stools just a lot of gas and bloating and some constipation, but i have been getting a lot of flare ups with certain foods. I can no longer drink milk or i’ll have a bad flare up of gurgly stomach and feeling of needing to go to the toilet. My lower stomach has been very tender and i’ve had a lot of fatigue and lack of concentration, headaches, brain fog, and loss of weight which i think is from the anxiety and nausea from not wanting to eat to not flare up the symptoms. I have anxiety pills to take but i have not taken them yet not sure if they may help with any of my stomach problems. Please help does anyone know what this may be? Thank you!

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take the anti-anxiety meds. Anxiety and stress release hormones in the blooda and will cause symptoms of stomach upset and changes in bowel habit. It may be you have IBS (symptoms are more IBS) and being worried and stressed is causing this to flare up.

good luck x

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SinisterK in reply to willow24

Hi thanks for replying! I just recently started on a low dosage so just waiting to see how it kicks in! Can lower abdominal bloating and gas still be ibs or can it possibly mean ovarian cancer?

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willow24Administrator in reply to SinisterK

They are your common symptoms of IBS x

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