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No more flare-ups. REALLY???!!!

Having been diagnosed with UC in February this year, I saw the specialist last week (May) for a follow up. I asked him something along the lines about an inevitable flare-up. He said that it wasn't inevitable and that some people never have another flare-up.

Can this be true?

Is there anyone out there who's never had a second flare-up?

At this point I must mention that I've slowly been pushing all the boundaries and having foods that I thought were a no-no: the skin on a jacket potato, dairy, tomato based sauces, alcohol etc. and not had any major side effects from any of them.

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Hi and welcome,

Firstly UC is a life long condition that will likely mean you have flare ups. I have never yet met anyone who has only had a single flare up.

secondly don't believe all the hype about special super diets. Whilst during a flare up a low fibre diet is best, we are all different and what one person may tolerate another cannot. I was told this by my dietitian after trying a gluten free, then dairy free, and lactose free diets because some people found it worked for them. It didn't work for me, the only thing I cannot eat is high fat foods and chinese!

you will find in time there are some foods that will cause you some discomfort or diarrhoea, but dont feel afraid to eat and enjoy all foods just because a few make you worse.

hope that makes sense

Good luck x


That's good to know Willow :)


I've had UC for nearly 40 years, only got an official diagnosis around 20 years ago, I was put on Asacol and only take 1 tab a day (when I remember! ) and I can honestly say I have not had a flare up since, my Gastro told me I may never have any further problems but he's happy for me to continue on Asacol just in case.


I'd been put on Asacol too; 3 x 80g tablets as well as the foam enema. Gastro told me to stop using the enema but carry on with the tablets.

I had read (must've been on here) that if you never had any flare-ups you'd probably been misdiagnosed in the first place so it's good to know that others don't get flare-ups.

Of course it's still very early days for me.


I definitely have UC, have endured many colonoscopies to prove it !!

Asacol works for me and I have no doubt that keeps me in remission and my Gastro Con agrees, although it is affecting my liver enzymes there is no way I'm stopping it.

Good luck with your treatment, hopefully you will be in remission vey soon and long may it last.


Thanks and good luck to you too. Long live the liver :)


Some people are lucky and are on the right medication from the start and can go into remission

Very unlikely that you won't have a flare up at some stage over the years

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