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Endoscopy, colonoscopy and bowel MRI


Hi, after 25 years of symptoms I finally saw a gastro today. It seems being diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis opens doors for you... He's being very thorough, said he is at a loss to explain what's going on with me. I was diagnosed with AS last October and first line of treatment whilst still in diagnostic stage was naproxen and omeprazole. With my stomach issues I just didn't take it, knowing it was likely to cause more problems. I had diarrhoea daily, multiple times, very urgent and I didn't want to make that worse. Rheumy made clear at next appt I really needed to take the naproxen so i started it and the "IBS" disappeared overnight. In the year I've been on it I can count on one hand the number of times I've had the "IBS" symptoms.

Gastro cannot explain it and now going to do a battery of tests. To say I am dreading them is an understatement. It is my worst nightmare. My sister in law is a nurse and she's suggested the nasal endoscopy as I have a real phobia of vomiting. Any suggestions to help me through gratefully received. I thought the MRI would be a breeze as had them for the AS then read the leaflet! Not looking forward to that either!!

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Have you never had a colonoscopy or endoscopy before? I've had both and they really aren't as bad as they sound. It's good to know you've got a diagnosis I'm still waiting for one.

jnmmum in reply to Sammyal79

No I've had neither before but my sister has had both and helpfully said it was awful! The diagnosis helps get me through the door with other consultants but it was a long struggle to get to the ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis in the first place. Now it seems my bowel issues are being taken much more seriously. Thanks for letting me know it's not that bad. I get terribly embarrassed and think I'll just panic, cry and make a fool of myself as I am so scared of the whole procedure. Telling myself plenty of other people have done it, so can I!

Sammyal79 in reply to jnmmum

Honestly I've had both. The endoscopy was more uncomfortable than anything and the worst part for me was the spray they use to numb your throat then the air they pump in was painful. Id go for the sedative with the endoscopy so your basically out of it. I chose the spray as i couldnt get child care and you cant be alone etc for 24 hours after. I just tried to concentrate on swallowing when they said. With The colonoscopy I didn't feel a thing the prep drink before hand was the worst. Won't lie you do have the worst bowel movements and stay close to a toilet but the actual procedure is a doddle. The nurses are amazing and they really put you at ease. You can have extra pain relief with the colonoscopy too which definitly ask for. It made a whole lot of difference.

jnmmum in reply to Sammyal79

Thank you so much, you've put my mind at ease. I've heard the movicol is a bit brutal! Still, I keep telling myself I am at least being properly investigated now. I hope you get a diagnosis soon :)

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