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Newbie with suspected IBD

I've been having bowel issues for well over a year. I've had 4 of what I'm calling flares. They comes out of no where - crippling stomach cramping, watery diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, mouth ulcers, cold sores, chills and generally feeling run down. Each one lasts for weeks, with the current flare being about 6 weeks.

I went to see my GP who said my calprotectin levels were slightly raised (75) and I've now seen a gastroenterologist who has referred me for a colonoscopy.

The complication is that I also have endometriosis. I had surgery in May 2017 where it was found most of my bowel was stuck together and then it had collectively attached itself to my pelvic wall. I saw my gyne doc last week because I'm having daily cramp like pain inbetween these flares. He thinks I have more adhesions and wants to do a third laproscopy. I've agreed with him that I do the colonoscopy first. I'm in that limbo of not knowing what the hell is going on.

What is playing on my mind more than anything is the amount of travelling and meetings I have to do. I run my own business and I have an investor interested in giving me a pretty big sum. It could be life changing... but I'm based in the North of England and have to take regular 3 hours train trips to London. I've survived every one, but I worry about getting the more horrendous symptoms when I'm travelling. Gives me awful anxiety which obviously is not good!

Just a waiting game!

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hopefully it is good news - calprotectin level below 100 is indicative of IBS. Crohns and colitis is above 100.

It maybe some endrometic tissue that is lining the bowel (it can even be found in the nose!), or it could very well be the stress you are experiencing is causing IBS.

have you had any blood tests done, and what were the findings?

the endometriosis may well of caused more adhesions, and if this could be causing the bowel to be inflamed and irritated.

Try and follow a low residue/fibre diet when having a flare up. it is very boring and bland but it really does rest the gut as it is so low in fibre the bowel doesnt have to work hard to break it down.

foods include white fish, boiled/roast chicken. boiled/steamed potatoes (no skin) rice, white pasta etc. some veg are allowed but needs to be cooked well and some fruits without skin can be eaten.

Good luck x


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