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Awaiting biopsy results

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Hi guys.

I had a colonoscopy last Tuesday and I'm currently awaiting results. Theres definitely inflammation in my bowel and 2 ulcers. I was just on the Instagram page crohns and colitis and it's just dawned upon me what it's actually like loving with a chronic illness. I thought I'd just have to have some medicines and it will all be ok. How are you all doing with your condition?? I've also seen some people having to have major surgery and have stomas. Really worried now.

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Hi 🙋‍♀️

Many do quite well with medication alone while others just can’t gain any remission at all. I’m the latter & had my stoma formed 22 years ago, what seemed daunting & unmanageable back then proved to be the best outcome for me as I’ve been in remission since.

Take care in the heat ☀️

I've had ulcerative colitis for nearly 50 years, I wasn't definitely diagnosed until about 25 years ago, before then I was ignored and fobbed off so life was difficult.

However since I was diagnosed and started on medication I have mainly been in remission, the occasional blip now and again but an increase in my meds sorts it quickily.

It can be trial and error to find the right meds but once you do then life goes on.

I would say you are lucky to have just 2 ulcers ! My last surveillance colonoscopy in Jan showed extensive ulceration and bleeding on contact but I had no symptoms so my meds are controlling it.

Hopefully you will be fine, stay positive !

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Ibs_1 in reply to bantam12

Wow! Champ!! Dealing with it for this long successfully is a achievement in itself! Thanks for replyin. Positive thoughts always help 😊

Hi, I’m so very sorry to hear this. I was just diagnosed after my colonoscopy at the end of January so still very much learning. Prior to December there was no indication I had UC. Completely healthy and fit in addition to eating well. So I’ve learned that even “healthy” people can get this out of the blue. I’ve also learned that this disease is SO different for everyone and there’s a spectrum of severity for sure. I’m considered mild/moderate but have been without any symptoms since right after my colonoscopy. Stopped all of a sudden. I’ve also learned that there’s a great online support network with this disease but a lot of the people on them tend to be on the more severe side. So you will read a lot about people with severe symptoms or who have had surgery. I personally have had to stop reading that because I find it doesn’t do anything for my mental health. Everyone is different and that just tends to give me more anxiety. People can live long and full lives with this disease but it’s definitely a lifestyle change. Currently, this disease impacts me more emotionally right now. Maybe in time I’ll be more accepting. Better than the alternative though which is cancer so I won’t complain. Good luck!

The best thing you can do is educate yourself about the disease & become an informed patient. When I was dx'd with crohns 20 years ago, my gi suggested I visit the to learn out the disease. There is too much bad information on the internet. There are many medications to treat with, it's a matter of which one will work for you the best.

I'm going to do the same and not read on it as it's getting me in a right panic. Thank you and I hope you stay in remission for as long as possible 😊

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Javsy in reply to Ibs_1

I would recommend you stop reading on the net as well. I started reading stuff on the issues without a firm diagnosis (and have in the past with other issues) and that leads to a lot on unnecessary anxiety.

For some odd reason, our brains tend to pick up the most negative points off the net and magnify it out of proportion.

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