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I was diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis after Colonoscopy biopsies, about 3 years ago. It was during a time when my thyroid was under active, I had high Hashimoto antibodies. No treatment for my thyroid was advised then. My thyroid was fluctuating severely, predominantly overactive with Graves Disease, but interspersed with Hashi thyroiditis and under active spells. My Colitis was a lot less symptomatic during overactive thyroid times.

Following another relapse of the Graves, I had a total Thyroidectomy on March 1st. Now take Levothyroxine 125.

This seems to be coincided with a return Colitis symptoms. I have no appetite, feel bloated and full without any food. I'm also getting pain under my left ribs and into my side.

Iv been Gluten and Dairy free since last year.

I really don't know anything about Microscopic colitis, is it Autoimmune?

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  • Debby

    I am not sure about this but my ulcerative colitis is autoimmune .

    You would be best getting your diagnosis referral from a expert .

    Diet as in gluten free could help but it's not proven.

    I have pain under my left rib due inflammation of my bowel but i would recommend another check by specialist,if you have no appetite.


  • Hi,

    Welcome to the forum

    If your not well it will cause disturbances with your colitis. Even a common cold will upset my Crohn's.

    it is very poor practice that you have not been given any information about microscopic colitis. please follow this link for some advice


    hope this helps x

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