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Nsaids and IBD

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Hi everyone, last April I was diagnosed with Microscopic colitis. After a course of Budesonide, I have thankfully felt very well. Trouble is a couple of days ago I started to suffer from Sciatica...and it's agony. I tried Paracetamol, but it didn't touch the pain. Yesterday in desperate need of some relief I took a couple of Ibuprofen, they took the edge off the pain within half an hour, took two more at bedtime and slept comfortably. I am planning on taking a couple at lunchtime and two before bed, trouble is I am worried, as I don't want to cause a severe flare up with the colitis. I am housebound at the moment so can't see my GP. Has anyone taken a short course of Ibuprofen, and what has been the outcome? I'd really appreciate some advice.

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The reason NSAIDs give us IBDers a problem, is because they antagonise the lining of the gut and cause ulcers. I am not a doctor, but would suggest to phone either your GP or pharmacist and ask for some advice. Pending that, personally, I would eat half a sandwich then take the minimum number of pills to give me some relief, then eat the other half of the sandwich. (You should always eat when taking NSAIDs). That is what I would do, but …..

As FReedman said, I find my pharmacist very useful, a good friend of mine who cannot take NSAIDs ended up finding Tramadol was the one pain killer she can take (she cannot take the morphine family either).

Thank you for the advice. Touch wood the pain is not quite so severe as it was this morning, I have only taken two Ibuprofen today, and they really were a God send. I will phone my GP tomorrow if the pain gets worse. Thanks again for your replies.

I am currently in the 7th month of a particularly stubborn flare and it is down to taking diclofenac. I am so angry with myself for risking 4yrs of remission for the sake of a pulled hamstring injury. Ironically the flare prior was caused by the same drug. Both hospitalised me. Never again will I take anti inflammatory medication. I'm so fed up with being on prednislone. Don't take is my advice.

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Thanks for the advice TriGirl. I know how dangerous a flare up can be, as I was hospitalized prior to being diagnosed. When you are in remission with ibd it's all too easy to forget how ill this disease can make you feel. I have decided not to risk taking any more nsaids. I hope you feel better soon.

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I am currently living with a flare for about a week now from rubbing diclofenac on my sore neck about 4 times over 2 days.

Good decision and stay flare free. Go to the docs If it gets too much there are alternatives available. From now on for me it's Co codamol and will take a stool softer if more than 1day of taking it. Good luck and I'm hopeful it's finally coming to an end 2 weeks of pred left then hold my breathe for at least 3months and then breathe if symptom free. It's an awful disease and Anti inflammatory tablets will never pass my lips again. Lesson finally learned. 😁

I use Paramol and don't get any ill effects from taking this, quite expensive but does the trick and not so bad as Co codomol for side effects. A chemist put me on to them a few years back when I also had sciatica.

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I hadn't thought about Paramol, thanks for the tip!

My trigger for a bad bout of MC symptoms is ibuprofen. I can take a dose or two for my arthritis neck pain, about once every month at most. But I try to stay off of it as much as possible. I'm trying to manage it with a dose of pepto bismol, or a half dose of loperamide. Tough.

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