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Hi my name is Tamara and I have suffered from Lymphatic colitis since 1985.. I can't take ANY of the prescribed medications, and found cannabis to be a huge relief .. don't judge till you know... my diet is limited with no appetite .. live with chronic pain as well as diarrhea, not able to absorb any nutrients my bone density is gone and now I also have joint and degeneration in my hips, knees .... with all the pain... . it has saved my life.

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  • Hi thnx I have someone bringing me re structure water to try 😊

  • Please contact StMarks at Northwick Park. They really are the Tops for Bottoms. That is all they deal with. They really do talk sh** all day. They are simply the best in the world for anything to do with the gut,colon,intestines and digestive tract. They are NHS and are based in Harrow, NW London

  • There are times I also smoke weed for the pain as doctors are reluctant to prescribe pain medications. Sometimes it's the only thing to relieve the pain.

  • I am in Canada and have a Dr signature and a licence up here to grow my own as well

  • I'm so sorry to here that you have LC. I have it too-likely to have been caused by the anti-depressant Sertraline. The only thing that has helped me is Budenoside-it is a steroid but one that is targeted for the bowel, where the inflammation is. It's a bit different to prednisolone and doesn't have the same, sometimes severe side effects. I'm now down to 3mg a day. I also take co-codamal for pain, which helps block me up and loperamide too. I also have to watch what I eat and if I think I'm getting dehydrated I take dioralyte sachets mixed with water this really helps as it replaces the lost electrolytes we lose from going to the loo so often. Take care and if the weed helps.....

  • I tried all that with no results

  • I am sorry to hear that did u try mediates without flour egg and dairy? .. I use canna caps ..

  • I'm glad that you found something that helps you. My hubby has DBD (degenerative bone disease which causes severe, intense pain) as a result of suffering from severe, chronic Crohn's disease--the doctors claimed he couldn't get worse unless he died from an intestinal rupture. The docs at Stanford Medical Center in the U.S. insisted that he had to have his entire colon removed if he was going to survive. He never got the surgery.

    We found home remedies that have slowly helped him, and now, his blood work shows that he is relatively healthy. One thing that we found that helped him was Ancient Minerals magnesium. He puts it on his skin for 20 minutes before his shower. It makes him itch for the entire 20 minutes, but once he rinses it off, he's fine. It has been a real help. (Low magnesium causes a multitude of health problems.)

    He was getting blood transfusions every 3 months because the Crohn's was causing him to bleed out. His average hemoglobin count was 6--and that was only one of many red flags on his CBC reports. His wbc count was low; he was low in B-12, calcium, iron, D-3, and magnesium. Now, his hemoglobin is 13, white blood cell count is normal, magnesium is optimal, and he has no need of transfusions. He has more energy and has begun to gain weight. We are using some essential oils (topically) mixed with carrier oils as well as using the magnesium topically.

  • Thanks u for all the kind comments ... I've found it helpful with consuming in canna caps candy and teas..for all kinds of things as well anxiety which is what triggers my flares . .. with low thc..cbd and esential oils

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