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What are people’s experiences with a flexiable sigmoidoscopy


I am in the process of finding out what is causing me to bleed after each bowel movement and produce a lot of mucus. I have had a recital examination but no piles or fissure was found so have now had a referral for a flexible sigmoidoscopy. I am only 18 and I’m really really scared.

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I think I have 5 or 6 over the years, my very first look see (1985) was in an emergency setting, rigid not flexible and no jelly/sedation, but still bearable. All the rest were with sedation, had to have someone to get me home, and be with me afterwards, a problem the last time, as by then I was a widow and every one I knew was working. I found the worst part, was the bowl cleansing the day and night before, just hated the taste of the stuff, but again, a bit like being a small child, when advised to hold ones nose and just take the damn stuff. No it is not nice, but very useful, certainly ensured I got reasonable diagnoses over the years, that and the doughnut scanner (with contrast dye). It is not frightening once you are having it, do you know how to do relaxation/deep breathing techniques? would be worth learning, I came from the weird and wonderful 60's and found having a mantra to chant in my head quite relaxing. I used to take a book with me, just in case there was a wait, that and some crosswords to do, any sort of distraction therapy is useful. I even found an irritating husband would take my mind off things. Have you got an irritating sibling? I was found to have Crohn's Disease and am still going over 30 years on. So all the best for the day.

Firstly don’t be scared. You are going to find out what the problem is. If the sigmoidoscopy reveals nothing then demand a colonoscopy which can look at the colon. My daughter had similar symptoms at around 17 years old and the sigmoidoscopy was clear. Fast forward 10 years and a lot of suffering in between and a colonoscopy revealed Crohn’s disease. Had we insisted on a colonoscopy originally (we didn’t realise) this could have been diagnosed then. Most importantly don’t be fobbed off - stand your ground and demand further testing. Good luck

Bowel prep day before can be unpleasant but necessary to allow the best possible outcome.

Have had a few over the years and each time was sedated you are not fully asleep but you are not aware of what is going on. Procedure is very quick. If you are worried you could contact your consultant and share your concerns, it is a very common procedure so try not to worry. Hope all goes well for you.

ellie2211 in reply to Skye22

Hi there,

Did you have any discomfort after the procedure (in the days after)? Mild burning sensation, a feeling of fullness,light stabs or anything like that?

I had one monday and feel uncomfortable, maybe the enemas made my colon feel stingy?

Bmt2002 in reply to ellie2211


I’ve still not been seen. As I am young I am not classed as an ‘emergency’ so am at the bottom of the waiting list x

Hope you feel better soon x

So Bmt ,have you went for the scope yet? And what is the result?

Bmt2002 in reply to mondlee6248

Hello, No I am still waiting for an appointment to come through.

I would ask for something before hand. They offered me no pain relief and no sedative. I found it painful but everyone’s different. The screen was right in front of my face so I could see everything was a weird experience to say the least. But it’s all over and done with before you know it.

Thank you, I have mine on Saturday. I am very nervous for it, I am scared it’s something serious

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