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Watery stool

Sometimes when I go to the toilet for a wee some watery stool also comes out as well. I've contacted my ibd nurse and they have said it might be a blockage and slight constipation. My stomach gurgles on the left side and feels watery inside. Ive also got a slight pain on left side. I'm taking humira and azathioprine for UC.

Any ideas or ways to help? Thanks!

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is your stool dull brown and have gritty bits? if it is then it may be constipation with overflow


It's light brown, no gritty bits I think. It's just a little bit when I go for a wee in afternoon/later evening and stomach starts ro gurgle. When I do go to the toilet it's semi solid


I get it often no smell my ibd nurse said it's the infection. I always sit down to wee.


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