Severe stomach pains

Hi, just a quick question, I've had severe stomach pains, joints hurting too. It started with me feeling nausea on last Monday. Went to see a Gp on Saturday, no examination. He just said it was my diverticulier disease. Was diagnosed with it many years ago,however it spread throughout my whole colon. Lost weight over a period of time. I'm on pentasa and lanozprole. Is there anything else to try? Stomach is so painful

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  • Since the gp failed to perform an examination you might want to consult an emergency doctor or a gastroenterologist. I can't imagine why any doctor wouldn't perform an exam when the patient presented with severe stomach pains -- no matter what the previous diagnosis was.

  • That's what I thought, he was so rude! Gonna try and get Gp appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed, if not go to AE. Thanks for ur reply.


  • Was admitted to AE today with my tummy pains. Got two lots of antibiotics as I have a infection in my diverticulier pouches. One of my bloods Wwc count was 5.25? Don't know if that's normal.... Bed rest no heavy lifting


  • Glad you are checking things out. It would have been good if the AE staff explained more about your blood count. I'm sure your welcome some bed rest by now. Take it easy.


  • Thanks Judy.

    Tea123 😊

  • Hi, sorry for late reply. Your WCC is low, and is probably due to the severe infection (can also be high due to infection) Normal range is 11-19.

    Hope you are recovering well x

  • Thanks, I still have pain in my tummy, on the last days of two antibiotics, boy it's been a ride, constantly on the toilet, plus I've developed thrush and sores in mouth, plus swollen glands. I have my virtual colonoscopy tomorrow.


  • Bless you, your certainly going through it a mo. All the best for tomorrow, and stay strong x

  • Thanks Willow 24

    From Tea123 😊 x

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