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Hi everyone, had emergency opp 28 May, perforated bowel, abcess size of rugby ball so my surgeon said. Was in hospital 3 weeks due to plural effusion also. Fluid on lung due to operation. I was originally told I had gastritis and an ulcer but turns out to be Crohn's disease. I have a colostomy bag now, apparently they think I still have some Crohn's left behind. Waiting for tests in August to find out. Having terrible sweats day and night and bad headaches!! Not sure if this is menopause or Crohn's!! Is anyone else having these. Trying to stay positive, initially I was having very bad anxiety but I'm managing to stay in control mostly now. 🙏🏻

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Hi, sorry to hear your having such a rough time. spikes in temperatures are common in flare up of crohns. you say that Dr's think you may still have crohns in some of remaining bowel - are you on any medication for this? and if so which ones. It might be worth asking your GP if they can prescribe some metronidazole, its an antibiotic used for bowel infections but is also good in active crohn's disease.

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Hi Willow, I'm not on any medication at present, I have to wait till I heal from my operation.having a gastroscopy in August. I do feel a lot better, I went to the doctors on Thursday and she thinks my sweats are due to menopause!! And mentioned HRT, I swear a lot on a night to the point I have to change my nightie and my pillow and bed is soaked, happens a lot through the day too. She said notveveryonecwith Crohn's has the sweats, I decided to try a herbal remedy so I've gone for sage leaf and hope that didn't affect my Crohn's. Always thinking well if I take that will it affect that!! I constantly need go for a wee which is driving me nuts. There seem to be similarities between menopause and Crohn's so I have to hope she's right. Sorry it's perri menopause. I was on antibiotics for 8 days in hospital IV, thanks for your reply😀


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