Crohn"s and Thyroid

I've resently had Colonoscopy and the results have come back that I now may have Crohn's disease. I have suffering with really bad mouth ulcers for quite sometime that weren't healing up, lots of other symptoms but no one put 2 and 2 together. I was diagnosed with an under active Thyroid last October so a lot of the symptoms we put down to that. Feeling rather down about it., was wondering if it is linked? I'm ready other peoples blogs and they are in a lot of pain, I'm not really, have back ach and pains in legs fatigue joint pain and bad mouth users. I am bleeding and the mucus. They said the ulcers were in the lower part near the rectum and there was inflammation top and bottom bowl. But I thought I'd be in more pain, just feel so tired. They've taken full bloods and I'm not lacking in any vitamins. So not sure why I feel like this?

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  • Hi Kathy, I'm afraid autoimmune diseases don't usually come alone!! Pretty much everyone that has one usually has at least one more. I have Crohn's disease and psoriasis. I have also started getting painful joints now. It's not surprising you feel down. It can make you feel anxious and depressed especially when you know there is no cure!! As for no one putting 2 and 2 together that's often the case too!! Same happened to me!! The tiredness also goes hand in hand with the ilness. The fatigue is so overwhelming sometimes isn't it. I don't know if you've found the thyroid sight on here but they are all very supportive and helpful with each other. I know it's hard to get through the day sometimes. I hope you get the support you need 🙏🏻

  • Thank you that was very helpful.

  • You say vitamins all ok but may I ask if your B12 has been measured ? This links to Pernicious Anaemia and is another auto immune issues.


  • I am going to see the specialist end of April, so I will ask, I know I have had all my bloods done at the hospital, would they have checked that too? I feel I'm back and forth to Doctors, they must be sick of seeing me. Another thing I'm getting which is awful, painful puss filled spots on my legs that leave scars, feel like I'm rotting from the inside out. My worst problems is my anxiety and it is affecting my everyday life and my relationships with my adult children, they don't seem to understand.

  • Hello Cathy, yes there is an association. Suggest you visit the Thyroid forum on here and there are many people with great knowledge and experience. I have come to this group because I have Colitis, but have been a member of the Thyroid forum for years. They are both Autoimmune diseases

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