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17 just diagnosed and could do with some advice

Hi all I'm seventeen years old and after five months I was diagnosed with Chron's disease on Thursday. I am at college and have had to miss almost everyday for the last five months as my symptoms have been so severe. I have been put on 30 mg of prednisolon, 20mg omeprazole, colpermin and 75mg codeine (combined with my other medication I am now on 57 tablets a day!). I could use some advice on managing my symptoms and just generally on how to cope as I'm in a lot of pain with it and can feel very down. Any comments, advice or support would be really helpful!



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Hi hunny, was it your GP or gastroenterologist that has prescribed your meds? Im surprised about colpermin as it is a medication for IBS and has no use in helping crohns or colitis. it is basically an antispasmodic so helps with spasms associated with IBS. crohns is ulceration and inflammation of the bowel which causes the pain etc. 30mgs pred is quite a low dose if symptoms are severe, initial dose for flare usually starts at 60mg then tapered down. what surprises me the most though is you have not been prescribed a mesalizine, ie, pentasa, asacol as these are the first line meds that are used in crohns. is the codeine 75mgs throughout the day as a max daily dose is 240mgs a day, but no more than 60mgs in single dose. codeine is fab in slowing down diarrhoea too. sorry but I have yet to find a painkiller that works totally, even in hospital morphine only took edge off it. if you are eating try a very low fibre boring diet like white bread, white fish, chicken and boiled potatoes. these foods are very easy for the bowel to break down so should help alleviate some of the pain. also find if i lie


I also find if i lie on my side with pillow between knees and under stomach helps, think it may be due to supporting stomach so not pulling and pillow between knees stopped stomach bein squashed. i hope this is of some help. if you need any more advice or support just ask xx


Hi Willow my gastroenterologist put me on colpermin about a month ago when they weren't sure what I had. He brought it up again on Thursday but decided not to change it (I'm wondering if he's waiting until I see the specialist unit). I'm also severely allergic to non steroidal anti inflamatry drugs which I think mesalizine might be. My codeine is 90mg (I made a mistake before) and is spread out throughout the day, I find that it really helps with the diarrhoea. I'm on a very restricted diet anyway at the moment because I have been feeling so sick. I will try that pillow trick tonight and hopefully get some better sleep! Thanks for the advice, do you have any advice on excessive wind because I have also been having a problem with that which is rather embarrassing. Thanks xxx


hi, hope you had good rest last night.

yeah mesalizine is a salicylic (like aspirin) medicine so you prob will react to it. as for wind Im sorry but it it part and parcel of Crohns. here is a link which you may find useful..

I'v had Crohns for 21yrs so I think those around me are now used to the stinky farts.

some other medications that can be used in Crohns is azathioprine and mercaptopurine (6mp), these are commonly used when steroids are ineffective or not effective enough, or instead of steroids (i couldnt tolerate pred). when do you see someone at specialist unit?

try to eat little and often, it will hopefully help you from feeling less sick and is more gentle on the bowel. I understand only to well how hard it is especially when in so much pain.


I have had IBS for over tens years but recently had a massive flare up and after blood tests and stool test now probably have Chrons or colitis. After taking colpermin a few weeks ago I was very poorly with the worst symptoms I have ever had and then realised it now contains peanut oil which is often a no no for people with inflammatory bowel problems.


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