Blood test problem!

I had my blood test done a few days ago which were unsuccessful because the nurse could not receive any blood. I have been previously known to have low iron, B12 and constantly dehydrated. I also suffer badly from fatigue but was quite surprised that this had happened. The nurse proceeded to try and find another vein but then reported back that as soon as the needle touched my vein it had 'deflated' so that I must come back in a few days. My main problem is that I am now experiencing a lot of pain in my arm, not so much bruising but more like sharp shooting pains in what it feels like are my veins, I was wondering if maybe the nurse had broken through a few veins while trying to find one? Has anyone else experienced this and is it normal? I am 18 years old and have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease for 6 years, usually my bloods are okay but I am slightly worried. Thank you.

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  • I wonder if it's worth asking for a telephone consultation with your gp? I'm sure they could answer your questions. Perhaps it was a less experienced nurse? I have very poor veins so I know it is often a struggle to take my blood and they will only attempt it about 3 times and then they give up or get a doctor to try. Hope all goes well.

  • I have spoken to my specialist nurse and she just thinks that maybe the needle had broken through some veins and maybe a nerve or two. I am still experiencing the pain in my arm but hopefully it is all just a healing process. I have returned today for another attempt at a blood test and it worked!! I made sure that I was hydrated enough. Super happy I'm managed to do it. Thank you :)

  • That's good news, it sounds like you have an excellent nurse there, all the best 😃

  • I almost said all hospitalsvhav expert phlebotomists, but as I can't spell it I'll call them bloodsuckers. Unfortunately it is fairly common for someone to be dehydrated and unable to give their blood regularly. Think about it though, if they desperately needed blood from you they could and would take it from areas of the body that neither of us knew even existed. The chance of them damaging a vein to the extent it was painful an not just sore are very rare.

    When you have to return to the Hospital for a further blood test make sure you have drunk plenty of water, aninform the phlebotomists that there have been problems before and if she gets it right first time you'll nominate her for a gold star (I know it sounds silly, but it can very easily diffuse most tensions.) Good luck

  • Hi hun,

    There are a lot of nerves around veins arteries and capillaries, and even the most experienced phlebotomist will 'nick' a nerve sometime during their career.

    Another good tip, as well as drinking plenty, is hug a hot water bottle - veins engorge and will come closer to the skin (its the bodies natural defence mechanism to cool down)

    Good luck x

  • Hey, due to the amount of blood I have had taken my veins often don't play ball, I now get notice when I am getting bloods done will jog to the doctors with latex gloves on to heat my hands as they are unable to get blood from my arms anymore, that or run your hand under hot water when you get there to bring them up. I now get blood done from hands and feet it's not good but at least they can keep an eye on my blood count and information markers.

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