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What is it?

Hi all this is my first post here. So here we go, I have been having pains in my lower abdomen  followed by blood in my stools. Have had numerous prostate tests, haemorrhoid tests etc also had a fecal calprotecti test which was normal. I have also had numerous CT scans and MRI's as well, which have showed Adrenal Adenomas, Kidney Stones and inflammation of my small bowel. Recently had a Colonoscopy and was told by Gastro that there was nothing wrong, he took 12 biopsies and removed 2 polyps. The results of which my GP said is normal no action needed. I was given Colesevelam, with no explanation. I still have all the same symptoms as before. I am wondering if anybody has had a similar experience and what should I be pushing the doctors for now.

Thanks for you time in reading this long winded essay.


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Hi, sorry to hear you been so unwell.

The biopsies should of shown Crohns or Colitis if it was present in the large bowel. Faecal calprotectin also is an indicator of inflammation specific to bowels, however it is not 100% . Could it possibly be diverticulitis? as you had some polps removed. Im assuming you were given the Colesevelam for bile acid. they may of felt you were producing too much which was irritating the bowel wall.  As you have said the CT showed small bowel inflammation I would keep on to the Gastro.  have you been tested for coeliacs?

Have you suffered any weight loss or mucus in your stools? 



Hi Willow24 yes I have been tested for Coeliac disease, funny enough I do have mucus in my stool and also flecks of dark blood but I haven't lost weight if anything I am gaining weight even with a fairly sensible diet. The gastro never explained why he gave me the Colesevelam. After looking it up on good old Google that's how I found what it is used for. Have a follow up  next week with gastro so will push him for more tests.


Good luck and let me know how you get on x

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