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Can IBD be spotted still on a colonoscopy when not in a flare

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Hi I’ve posted previously and had symptoms for over 18 months. A couple of weeks ago really bad and my calprotectin was off the scale over 2000. I have my colonoscopy on Wednesday and my symptoms have calmed down, I no it will get worse again though. Will they still be able to spot signs of IBD?

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If you have Crohn’s in your small bowel it won’t be picked up on a colonoscopy.

I had a small bowel MRI that showed inflammation and my colonoscopy was clear they did however take biopsies and showed patchy inflammation.

In theory with calprotectin levels that high if you do have a clear colonoscopy they should offer to do more investigation.

Hope this helps a little bit!

I would have to think it can be. I don't speak from experience but I am going through some issues my self and been doing a bit of reading.

The cell structure of the particular infected area in the colon changes once you have IBD. So even if your not in a "flare" at the time of your colonoscopy, they should still be able to see the changes structure in a biopsy if not obvious or clearly visible at the time of the colonoscopy.

Maybe someone else on this forum may have a better idea and can tell you for sure. I'm just assuming that it should be detectable even when not flaring at the time of your colonoscopy

Did you get a firm answer for this?

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Hi yer I did. I had a colonoscopy on Wednesday and I do have ulcerative colitis and it is active, so although I did feel slightly better it was still very there and obvious. They took 4 biopsies which il get more info off in w couple of weeks but definitely UC

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So they were able to tell right away? Or did they say wait for the colonoscopy results to confirm?

And thank you for the reply.

In my case they can't tell even after biopsy.....its frustrating

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They confirmed it straight away and put me on meds immediately. Didn’t even mention waiting for the results. I’m going back on the 8th so il know more then I’m assuming. What is it that would make them unsure? What info do they actually get from the biopsies? So what’s now happening in your case?

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They are unsure because the pathology isn't similar to crohns or UC..

The biopsy shows fresh colitis with crypt architecture disturbances but no granulomas (I think that's how u spell it)....

I asked what's next.. They put me on Pentasa for now but said that's just an anti inflammatory....

Basically they said either its post infectious colitis or non specific for the time being.. If it is the beginning of crohns or UC.. Then only a colonscopy after one year can confirm diagnosis.

I've seen 4 docs... 3 have said it's not crohns or UC... It's all related to diverticulitis....but 1 doc says diverticulitis inflammation wouldn't be in diff parts of the colon but rather only be on the site of the diverticula....

Trust me it's a really confusing process for me

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Gosh that does sound very confusing. So basically you have to wait a year to find out? How long had you had diverticulitis?

This whole process has took me 18months. I kept being told it was hemorhoids because it kicked off just after I’d given birth. I had a flexible sigmoid which showed hemoroids and it just got worse and worse. I went in for exploratory surgery and all they did was remove hemroids even though I was saying that’s not the issue and I was in so much pain. One doctor eventually decided to do a stool sample and my calprotectin was through the roof so In the end I went private and got diagnosed within 2 weeks.

I’m curious to see what my biopsies come back as. I got discharged with a report which mentioned granulomas but it really didn’t much to me.

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