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Meal recommendations pre colonoscopy?

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Hey I have my first colonoscopy on Wednesday for suspected crohns (due to symptoms and thickening of the ilium & bowel inflammation found on MRI) does anyone have any meal recommendations for the 3 days prior? The hospital have basically said to eat white bread but it gives me a very bloated uncomfortable stomach. Thanks

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I do broths 2 days before the scope, it makes the prep easier to do. I would not eat bread that's crazy.

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Thanks lovely!!

The diet is basically low residue/low fibre so white things such as bread, white fish, chicken, eggs. No wholegrain stuff, skins, nuts and seeds. Soup is good. Here's my list, kept for next time!😣

The list I was given.
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Thanks lovely this is so useful! I don’t eat any white carbs at the min so a bit of a nightmare for me but at least it’s only a day (I’m such a foodie and have been trying to manage my symptoms with clean eating and foot elimination hence mithering over 2 days worth of food haha) 😂 x

Essentially don't eat anything with much fibre, yogurt, bread, crackers. No fruit or veg, chicken is alright but no read meat.

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Thank you x

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