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IBS? Crohn's?

Hi, I have been ill since May and been into hospital twice with my stomach! I have bouts of diarrhea,stomach pain,nausea,leg pain and fatigue. I had a flexi sigmoidoscopy, which only looks at the last bit of the colon. They said it looked normal-no inflammation-so they said I had IBS.For about 2 months now I have been having sharp pains in my lower right side stomach-I wasnt experiencing them before,plus Ive been passing blood in my stool! I have lost weight once again and I've lost my appetite-but I dont have constant diarrhea! My doctor said that the early stages of crohn's are mistaken for IBS-I am just concerned because they haven't looked at my whole stomach. Has anybody been diagnosed with IBS when it was actually Crohns? One member of my family has crohns and another colitis-not immediate family though. Thanks!

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Hi hun, I was misdiagnosed with IBS, food poisoning and even attention seeking! until I went to my brothers GP (He has Crohns too) and he referred me straight to gastro.

IBS does NOT cause bleeding or weight loss. I would tell your GP to refer you back to gastro ASAP. There is a faecal test that can be done (calprotectin) which shows up the imflammatory cells that are shed in the bowel - unfortunately only Gastro's can send these. I agree you need a full colonoscopy, and even a CT or MRI, as this will show if the small bowel is affected. Have you had any recent blood tests as this too should highlight any inflammation.

Let me Know how you get on x


Hi! I'm sorry to hear that! Did you have frequent diarrhea?

I have been to see my GP several times and this last time she said she was going to send a letter to gastro stating my change in symptoms and saying that I need to see somebody!

I have had several blood test-including one for inflammation and they always come back fine-but I have heard that blood doesnt always show the inflammation?

Also,I have had thrush for over a month now and nothing seems to get rid of it-Ive had a yeast infection on my tounge too and I dont know why it wont clear!! I dont know if its to do with my stomach? I just want to feel better! Thank you so much for the reply and I will let you know how I get on! X


In the end it was constant diarrhoea, weight loss and pain. Im glad your GP is getting in touch with gastro as it definitely needs investigating further x

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