Unable to keep anything in

Please can anyone help? My sister has been suffering with bowel problems and has lost so much weight it has now got to the stage where she cannot keep anything in. She is constantly in the toilet, terrible stomach pains, diarrhea but also her stomach, bowel and bottom are terribly sore from constant use. The unbearable and constant pain which has been ongoing for the last 5 years and progressively getting worse is making her depressed but no one will help. She has been told it's in the mind and she needs to sort that out first- she is seeing someone but the pains are real. Any help with suggestions about lining her bowel or stomach to stop the sensitivity and soreness? Is there some sort of bowel wash to rid of any parasites or unwanted bacteria? She has had many fecal implants which helped at first but the last one did nothing............ any help greatly appreciated......... nowhere left to turn.Thank you x

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  • Hi missjackiel

    Your sister should ask her GP to refer her to St Marks Hospital at Northwick Park. This hospital based in North West London (Harrow), is TOPS for BOTTOMS. It is a center of Excellence for all disease of the colon and fistulas etc of the bottom. I personally travel 80 odd miles every 3/6 months for my regular check ups there, but it is well worth the journey.

    Hope your sister gets sorted soon.xx

  • Hi,

    it might be worth trying a low residue/low fibre diet. it is easy on the gut as it does not need a lot of breaking down.

    foods include chicken, white fish (neither fried or in any sauces) white rice, white potatoes - boiled or mashed only. it is boring and bland but it can help.

    has GP not offered elemental diet like modulen. its basically like a milkshake but every component is broken down to its simplest form so no need for body to break it down

    Also has your sister had blood tests done - what were findings? and also a faecal calprotectin? as this shows inflammation specific to bowel.

    I was told when I was first ill i was attention seeking! Luckily I saw a different GP when mine was off sick and he referred me to Gastro where they diagnosed Crohns.

    all the best and please let us know how your sister is doing, and ask as many questions as you need x

  • At the very least Inwpild expect the GP to refer for stool samples and maybe even an endoscopy. Just shrugging it off as a mental issue wouldn't explain the need to go to the toilet more than normal.

    She should use a barrier cream (similar to nappy rash cream for babies) to pritect against the constant output and need to wipe. Moist toilet tissues are a saviour, much more effective than toilet tissue.

    Simple diet, low fibre. If she switched to bland food (at points, I ate nothing but chicken and rice related stuff, gluten free toast, etc).

    The most important bit is to get the GP to nitice. If they are writing it off, they are DUTY BOUND to refer to a second opinion. It may take time.

  • I would echo whats already been written, a very bland diet, plain chicken, natural yoghurt, honey, cut out caffeine, stay hydrated and rest. Go back to the Doctor and push for a referral to a gastric team, whether it started as being in the mind or not the symptoms sound to me like bowel disease and need to be properly investigated. Good luck I hope you can get help soon.

  • I bought the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" which has been my life saver. The diet is strict and is very different to what the hospital nutritionist/dietician recommended. I do not take any medication now and my Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis has been in remission for one year.

  • Has she been checked for Coeliac disease. That's what I have been diagnosed with about 5months ago. It is worth checking.

  • Thanks for all the great advice, she is starting again with a bland diet and see how she goes. X

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