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w3r1 - Sunny and windy

No this isn't a weather blog but shows why I took a lightweight jacket with me that only lasted until the end of run one and then I had to run with it tied around me. It's annoying. Has anyone invented a jacket that automatically rolls up into a belt around your waist?!! The wind was trying to suck my breathe away at one point.

I didn't cover as far as last week and I felt I cheated as I was trying to get the uphill bits into the walk sections. I will be honest with myself next time and do my usual route to see how I do.

W2r3 I did in a forest that said I was following a 5km course. It was a bit short BUT I did it in 42 minutes so I was chuffed with myself.

Totally off the subject I'm teaching cycling at school this term - over 30 children on the road, with other helpers and trainers. Either my runs will keep me sane or I'll be dragging myself out!

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You can always bring hills into it when your stamina increases if that's what you feel like. I found it too exhausting having hills at the start of my run, so I have one at the end now instead, so it doesn't leave me with jelly legs for the next 3. Good luck with the kids


turn your jacket into a kite and let it pull you along :-) keep it going you will get there in your own time.

Great about teaching the kids to ride out on the road, brave, but great. Hope you stay sane :-)


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