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Week 3 Run 2


Today was my second run from week 3 and I can say I managed it well. After 5 weeks of being ill I managed to slap myself and put me back to running. I kept on finding excuses for why I shouldn't go for a run.

Until one day I just ran out of excuses and realised I am hurting myself by not embracing this great opportunity to get what I want.

I am terrified of the upcoming weeks as I think I will fail and think it will just put me off.

I had adventures when I almost tripped on a dog and being bitten by one while in the park!!

When my partner tried to take me for a run and I failed miserably as I was incredibly out of shape. But all these things made me realise that even though there are times when I just want to give up like I always do,this time I have to keep going.

So on this note I wish everyone the will power to not give up and stick with the programme. Good luck!

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Well done. I am one run behind you. I with you about the willpower.

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