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Week 3 run 2

Cold this morning at 8am. I did it though! Poor notpheidippides! he says he can't run so slowly! So we've decided that he'll run his own pace and I'll have a whistle to tell him when Laura says "walk" and then he'll walk/run/back to me! This way we won't get too far apart. He's worried about the dogs in the park. He wonders whether they'll all rush to me when I blow my whistle....I don't think so.

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lol - just goes to show that where there's a will there's a way! :) Let's hope that the dogs round your way aren't whistle trained... ;)


So nice to hear that "poor notpheidippides" is up and about, keeping you company on your runs. Marvellous idea, the whistle. Just make sure none of his chums see him double-back at the blow of your whistle... male pride and all that. ;-) Another couple of weeks and it won't matter too much, as you'll be running alongside him for 20 minutes.

You're making great progress. :-)


Con-brio none of his chums is ever likely to see him! When we go out they're still tucked up in bed (8am) as they're in their late 70s and early 80s! Only one exercises at all.


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