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Week 3 finished!!!

Armed with the whistle we set off. I'd forgotten that notpheidippides' hearing isn't so good and he had difficulty hearing the signal to walk when I blew gently so in the end it had to be a full emergency style whistle! The dogs in the park took no notice thank goodness:-)

We passed one of the dog walkers 3 times and each time it was whilst we were walking - he never saw us run so must have thought we were a bit odd kitted out in running gear for a walk.

I managed the run with no problems and am really pleased that I'm much less breathless during and after. I think I've worked out a breathing pattern...for now. What will happen as I (hopefully) get faster I don't know.

Looking forward to Friday and W4R1...did I really say that?!

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Good job! Hope there's no noise abatement society representative in your park! :D


Well the gardeners were around but too busy on their mobiles or playing on the outdoor gym facilities.


I've just completed week 3 today too! feeling so proud of myself, I never would have thought I could run for 3 minutes in one go before. Am nervous/excited about week 4!


That's good to know someone else is in the same place. Let's hope we continue together.


You are both doing really well! Keep it up. :)


Thanks greenlegs you and con-brio are my mentors, I think.


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