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Evening all - knees feeling better

Week 9 run 2, seems that it has been a long time even though I only rested for an additional two days. been using 'Deep Freeze Gel' on my knees, good stuff but smells of menthol.

I watched some videos on 'YouTube' about running form and even one about tying your laces properly, I have changed my running style ensuring I land correctly and not thump my feet down. Wearing shorts and t shirt now as it is a lot warmer so not overheating. :-)

So I ran slower and did not cover 5k and my pace was down to 7.5, but I completed the run without pain (just a dull ache) which is what matters to me.

I am going for a swim tomorrow morning and will decide if I will do run three on Sunday or wait until my normal Monday run.

Have a lovely weekend all

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Well done... almost there! :-)


Well done alcopop....keep listening to your body and take your doesn't matter when you do it as long as it's without injury. Can't wait to see your green badge :) Finished my W9R3 today so just sent off for my shiny sexy Enjoy your weekend whatever you decide :-D


I'm glad the extra days helped and that your knees were okay. Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to your graduation blog - woo-hoo! :)


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