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Better W7R2, but now knee issues

Having really struggled with W7R1, I'm pleased to report that W7R2 was way better and I was even able to speed up for the last 2 minutes and finished with the elation I had experienced in earlier runs so that was all good.

However, the next day the back of my knee had really stiffened up and I could feel a tight 'pull' up from through the back of my knee and up the back of my thigh. It really has been very painful. I'm walking with a limp and this dull ache has had me reaching for pain killers. I'm doing some gentle stretches which seems to help a little. I was supposed to do W7R3 today but that's out of the question. I'm hoping another couple of rest days will make all the difference but does anyone know what I can have done and how I can avoid this happening again? Really hoping I haven't scuppered the whole thing.

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Do you stretch straight after your run?


yes, always.


I only thought that if you did not stretch while muscles were pliable that maybe something has tightened up overnight. It is not something I have experienced and don't really know what to suggest apart from rest and gentle stretching. If it persists then a GP or preferably a sports physio would be the next call.

I hope somebody else can help more.

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Have a look at this sportsinjuryclinic.net/spor...

Running is all about learning how your body works.


Firstly, maybe slow down a tad...then some exercises sound to be in order.. there is as IannodaTruffe says, information on his link..

Other info on the site too..


This may be useful too?


Rest up and try not to hit the painkillers too much.. see how you go... and when you head out, slow and steady and light as you land:)

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