Feeling better

Good morning everybody . I think my ankle is on the mend , slow but sure , I can now walk down stairs normally instead of like a crab , I can walk ( very slowly ) limp free . Who would have thought tendons could take so long to recover ! Anyway a lesson as been learned , listen to your body , don't ignore the early warning niggels & I've got to remember I'm 55 not 25 lol . Take care & happy running .


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28 Replies

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend Rockette - soon be out there again.

    Trouble is, how do you know when a niggle is going to escalate? I seem to have aches and pains a lot of the time but try to ignore them or take an extra rest day. Guess I've just been lucky so far.

  • I know , I agree you can't tell can you ! This was something that initially would go after ibrufen , just like disappear , it all happened in the course of a few days then it just came on big style . I don't know I'll not ignore that one again , that's def on top of my don't ignore list lol .

  • Good to hear that you are improving. It took my ankle a good month to recover, and I still have to treat it with respect. Take it easy and don't rush things.

  • Thanks ebahgum , I will def give it respect after this lot ! It's been awfull !

  • As your running been ok ebahgum , do u wear any support or anything ? Not that. I'll be running till I've been back to physio in a couple a wk .

  • I did wear a support (blue bog standard from Boots) for a week or two after I started back on the C25K. After a while I realised it was more of a psychological support than a physical one. I also did ankle strengthening exercises and stretches every day, which I think helped enormously.

  • Physio has given me stretches to do , I've been doing them religiously , no ankle strengthening though . The stretches are for my calves so I don't get that , but it's working .

  • You'll soon be back out there Rockette! You'll need strong ankles for all that shopping in NYC as well!!!

  • I know lol . A lot of walking to be done .

  • That is good news Rockette. The bas***d about getting older I find (I'm 50) is that niggles take sooooo much longer to heal. It's a pain in the **se! Don't run until you're fully fit though. Stay on the subs bench for a wee while longer.

  • Thanks danzargo I will , I havent got a cat in hells chance. A trying to run , I can only just walk at a snails pace , but I'm not complaining lol , it's better than l was last wk . Take care

  • Heeey, great news pal! That's brill. There you go, you've turned the corner now. Just don't be tempted to get out there too quickly. Remember to do a bit of a 'phased return to work' lol! ;-) x

  • I'm still off work Jen , doc gave me another note on Monday , he said it's rest that it wants & gave me ten days off , so it's not all bad . How are you ? Hope all is well

  • Yeah, OK thanks. Been doing the old physio exercises and went out for the first time last night. It was a bit heavy going but hip held out so all good!

  • Yes I suppose it will be heavy going if you haven't run in a while , glad to hear hip not playing up hope that's the last of that . Don't know about you but I don't like the excercise of physio , but has to be done . Happy running Jen .

  • Good to hear you're on the mend Rockette but don't be tempted into doing too much too soon, give it the rest it needs and listen to the advice from your physio or you'll be back as square 1

    Keep us updated with good news as you get better, you'll be back to running when the weather warms up and missing all these cold mornings can't be too bad

  • Yes I've no intention of over doing it , andyj57 I've learned my lesson now . From now on it's nice & steady does it . Will be two wk before I run got to go back to physio 6th feb for a check up . & all clear . You take care too .

  • Glad to hear your getting better. Agree that it's hard to know what's a niggle that will pass and one that's going to escalate, it seems to just happen and before you know it you're regretting ignoring it :) wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Thanks lovefood1984

  • Glad you're getting better Rockette. Keep seeing that crab image in my mind! :-)

  • Totally agree - always listen to your body when the niggles strike - I didn't, had to take months out with tendinitis, took up cycling and stupidly broke both wrists flying over the handlebars after an altercation with a Vauxhall Corsa at 30mph. If only I'd known about c25k earlier!!!! Understand your frustration though - happy running & take care!

  • Hi cazmagoo , oh that's terrible hope you are fully recovered now , broken wrists is bad but that could have been much worse

  • Luckily I was wearing a helmet or I don't think I would be here! All healed, now trying running again with c25k - w4r2 today - hopefully will stay injury free this time :-) Hope you're fully healed now - your injury sounded painful, you have my full sympathy!

  • Thanks , I cycle & I sometimes don't wear my helmet , but as you say it would have been a lot worse without it . I'm going to wear mine every time now . It's tendinitus I'm recovering from so you will know what it's like .

  • Please, please do wear your helmet Rockette - same goes for anyone reading this. The thought that my dented helmet could have been my head doesn't bear thinking about! In the meantime look after those tendons & speedy recovery!!

  • Glad to hear it, Rockette. You really damaged yourself, didn't you?! Anyway I'm glad that you feel a lot more comfortable now. Although I don't think I hurt myself anywhere near as badly as you I have been taking it very steady witth running again but am really enjoying it. Mentally it's so good, too. Had pretty shocking news on Tuesday so running on Wednesday was great therapy!

    Look forward to hearing reports of you running again......it won't be long now!

  • Yes can't wait to get back out there . Sorry to hear that you had some bad news , glad that running is helping you , take care .

  • Lovely to hear, I was searching the posts to see how you were getting on :) you'll be back soon enough!

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