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Week 5 run 3 - the second time around!

A month and a bit ago I wrote about having completed week 5 run 3 , which felt great. Then I sprained my knee and only started back running last week deciding to drop back a week on the plan to week 4. As this felt ok, I carried on with week 5 and faced the monster again this morning that is wk5r3. Weirdly I was much more worried this time partly because I didn't want to be 'worse' than last time and partly because I am aware that I had a month off running (and exercise) and am still recovering from injury...

Today's jog was slow and the first 5 minutes were hard, I thought I was never going to do it. My legs were heavy, my knee was sore and I knew I couldn't do it but I thought I'd give it a bit longer. Next thing you know things are getting easier and there's that weird 'aka Dracula' bit in that anti-feminist song then Laura says 10 minutes. 'Ok that's an achievement so I will keep going a little further'. Running wise I feel fresh, much fresher than in the first 5 minutes. Then I hear the magic, 'you have 5 minutes to go' and I know I have enough left in me to pick up the pace so I do. Then, the magic 2 minutes and I go even faster when she said I could walk, I carried on with a final sprint to the nearest lampost.

To put this in context, I have never been a fast runner and since injury I have taken it extra slow to make sure runs are achievable so my quicker pace is probably everyone else's average or slow :) Map my run said my pace was 8 min a km.

Having caught up to where I was in the plan, it is finally time to tackle week 6 properly with two working legs which feels like progress at last. I will miss my planned May 5k in favour of one in early June instead but all being well I feel I will get there, even if my current pace means it will take me 40 minutes to get around :)

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Well done. I know how it feels to achieve a milestone and then have injury hold you back. I think you' ve done really well to get back into it so close to the stage you left, it must be a real confidence boost to know that you have done it. Good luck with week 6!


Good to see you back and well done on getting through that W5r3, I have been doing week 6 again and l have loved it .. so hope it's good to you too ;)


Well done on beating that run and for the blow-by-blow account. :-) Enjoy your next few runs.


Yesterday I also did week 5 run 3 for the second time although Idid mine first last summer, so well done! It's not easy going back and doing it again and I certainly know what you mean about worrying you'll be "worse", but we should be proud of ourselves for getting back into it sensibly and wanting to aswell! Well done xxx


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