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8K. Again! :-)

Set off tonight to repeat Monday's feat of 8 K in (only just over) an hour. OK, if I'm honest, I actually set off tonight to prove to myself that I had actually achieved it on Monday.

As usual, the first km or so of my route is pretty much uphill all the way, but tonight the wind was also blowing hard in my face as well, so it was hard work.

Kept going though, and it got easier once it flattened out a bit. On Monday I was consciously slowing down, as the idea of running without breaks was a bit of an experiment and I really had no idea if I'd make it round. Tonight I knew I'd done it before, so I just got in the zone and kept going.

Made it all the way round to 8K, and knocked 3 minutes off Monday's time - just under 58 mins!! Very pleased with that!! A couple more 8K runs, and I'll bump it up to 9. 10 is getting closer and closer!!

(If anyone read Monday's post and is wondering how I managed to silence the OCD tendencies tonight and actually stop after 58 minutes, I spoke sternly to myself before I left, and resolved that whichever came first, 8K or and hour, I'd stop as soon as it had passed. I know I've been pushing a fair bit over the last week or 2, and I want to stop and consolidate for a few runs. That means being strict with myself, otherwise I'll end up just pushing and pushing.)

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Very well done!!!! :-) Only 2 more easy peasy K's to 10K!!!! Wishing you a bright running future! Gayle


Just been out myself and did 8k but it took me 1.04.

After reading some of the blogs on here I decided to take it at a much slower pace than normal and it definitely helped. I had been doing all my runs- long,short, Parkruns at the same speed and then wondering why I was struggling and not getting any faster.Tonight I did the stamina podcast twice to try to get the pace right,


Oh, very well done - not just the 8k and the time but the stopping as well :)


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