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Well, I set out this morning and my mantra was 'matter over mind, matter over mind!' And I truly believed that today was the day I would leave wk 5 behind. I was delighted that it was raining ( yup Miles, I'm another one) unfortunately it wasn't downpourious, just a light drizzle :-(

Anyway, set out, legs a bit heavy but not concrete like yesterday. And that extra 4 stone I so often brag about, only felt like 2 today. I decided to break it down into 4 five min runs in my head (oh how I kid myself) as this doesn't freak me out the same. First 5 mins weren't too bad but I started to get hot, I'd stupidly put on my waterproof, cos that's what you do when it rains, right? I wasn't sure if I was genuinely too warm or my mind was just trying to trick me into stopping. I told myself I could take it off at 10 mins but I wasn't stopping before then. Took it off quickly, tied it round my waist and felt guilty for walking for that short time. Though in the end up I wish I'd taken longer as I ended up running with it round my ankles!! Slowing down allowed me to regroup and set off with a renewed vigour and I completed the last 10 mins comfortably, even speeding up for the last 2!

My dilemma- I feel like I have cheated as I walked while taking coat off. I didn't run for 20 mins constantly! Do you think Laura will know? Will she be disappointed, devastated even?

I'm mad to think I need to repeat it again...aren't I??

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Personally I'd say you did it, well done! I'm sure Laura will never know about the tying your jacket around your ankles incident ;)


No one on here is going to tell Laura, well done, the feared run is over, on to week 6


I agree - week5run3 done and dusted. That you were able to speedup for the last couple of minutes is a good sign! So on to week six next. Have fun:)


Forgot to say I ran all through rain and sleet last winter and could never wear a waterproof! Just had to get wet. I see some folk out in jogging bottoms, sweatshirts, waterproofs, hats and I was out with leggings and a long sleeved running top (Aldi's best) and I was still roasting after 7 or 8 minutes!


Yeah, you've done it: I had many pauses for gates, taking off of fleece etc during my runs - did try to keep my feet moving during them but I wasn't actually running.

I think W5R3 is, psychologically, the nastiest run of the lot - it looks so huge and looming. And then, suddenly, it's behind you.


I reckon you've done it. I tried going out in the rain with a waterproof initially, but like you found it far too hot. now I dont bother, running in the rain is positively invigorating and I never notice I'm even wet until I get home.


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