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W5 r 3 DONE !!!!!!

WOW, WOW, WOW - I did it! I was really worried and didn't think I could do it, but I did. nearly gave up when Laura said I had done 5 mins... I thought I had done at least 3/4 at that point!! But I kept going - even in the teeth of a Force 5/6 coastal wind...

then went off for a 1/2 mile swim. Am now totally exhausted but feel wonderful

Drove round my route - it was 1.6 miles of running.

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Well done you, me too, I completed W5R3 this week, virtual high five! what a great feeling, I was scared, so went on a route and time that was quieter in my local area. Looking forward to W6 now, but this has boosted my confidence no end - plus of course the blogs here.

Did find I needed to stretch out more afterwards - especially calves, did you find that?

Onwards and upwards!


Well done - it's a great feeling! Bring on W6 !

I didn't have a problem with the stretching, but I usually go for a swim after, so may be that does the job.

Keep it up - I'm proud of both of us!


Nice one, tough in today's conditions.


Well done. That's at least three of us that's completed this run this week. Well done us!


I think this blog site is great, only came to it recently, but the support from just reading the blogs is brilliant - I think of this group when I am out running. As for us, I feel a virtual mexican wave coming on! Week 1 seems a long time ago, and week 9 is begining to look possible (I hope!)


Thank you to all of you for replying - your support is fantastic.

A runner passes me most times I go out (sometimes twice....!) and she is obviously very fit and good, so it's really good to know there are others out there at the same stage as me.

But we are getting there - I've entered Race for Life, so have a goal to work to.

Thank you everyone!


Well done to all the week 5 run 3 graduates - it really is a graduation stage - somehow you know you can get to the end if you can do that one!

Goind for a swim afterwards sounds like a good idea - if you've got the energy left to do it! I'm sure you're right about it being good for stretching everything out.

:) Best wishes for week 6 (watch out you don't set off too fast for the first run - lots of people do, after the exhilaration of 5/3, and have a bit of a shock with 6/1, but if you go steady, it'll be fine!)


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