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5x50. OK, who was it mentioned Davina's DVD? Who can I blame?!

I remember seeing a post about someone doing Davina's DVD on a non-running night and saying it was a hard workout.

My knee has grumbled on and off since I stupidly decided to jog across the supermarket car park on a snowy night without the benefit of warming up and it was having a particularly loud whinge tonight. As I'm terrified of a real injury that will stop me running (And there's another sentence I never would have said before C25K :O ), I decided to purchase said DVD and do that instead. I did the warm up and then selected the 'abs intense' workout...if I can even move tomorrow it will be a miracle!

Who are you? I need to make your ears burn! ;-)

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:O ;) Hold my hands up khrissy......!!!

Yep it's a killer alright and I did all of it so imagine how I felt the next few days??!! I love my davina workouts and did them regularly until running took over and so thought I would be fine....oh how wrong was I :O Hope you are ok but hey, bet you can't feel those knees now!!!!! :D Result!



Aha! The guilty party ;-)

I didn't feel too bad when I got up this morning but as the day has progressed, I'm getting stiffer and stiffer - clearly an area of my body that has been sadly neglected!


Yep! It was two days later that I realy felt it but as they say, no pain no gain! You will have abs of steel ! :D


it sounds fab, I might have to get that. I absolutely hate working abs (which is why I have a lovely curvaceous 'mum tum'), but it would be nice to have a stronger core, because the only niggle I ever get from running is a slight lower back ache from time to time.

Sue, you are a sadist, but you're right, Khrissy will have forgotten all about the knees! :-D


Maybe I am the Mistress of Pain in disguise from Annie's post below! :D

A good one for abs is the one before this called 'Ultimate Target'. I was doing this one regulary for the whole of 2012 since its release and loved it! I would do the boot camp, abs and then choose from one of the 3 short target workouts or do all 3 of them if feeling ok which TBH was most of the time. Great results all over so if you like/can put up with Davina then go for it! ;)


ps Good to see you back with us! :)


I think Davina is fab, tho never followed one of her programmes. Thanks, Mistress Sue, good to be back! ;-)


Sorry to hear about your abs but you're worth it :D I had to laugh at this 'As I'm terrified of a real injury that will stop me running' because I agree, very few of us would have said that before we started c25k. I'm off to my swiss ball class and the Mistress of Pain later this morning so my abs (such as they are) will be whining in sympathy :O Keep it up, and I hope the knee is improving.


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