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advise wanted on post run stretching

I was advised by a friend of mine who runs to make sure I warm up properly before a run, especially as now I'm on week 7 so the runs are longer. So anyway I always do a 10 minute warm up workout from my biggest loser exercise dvd. However the cool down bit is a bit pants and I'm wondering what is the best way to make sure I stretch the legs out afterwards..

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I have always done 4 leg stretches on getting back home after a run, even in the early days. I hope I can explain what I do:

On each stretch I count up to 30 (each leg)

1. Right leg forward with knee bent both feet flat on the ground, feel the stretch up the calf and back of the thigh, ham string in the back (left) leg. Hold for count of 30, then swap over.

2. Right leg forward and flex foot to feel the stretch up the front of the leg, shin bone area and calf muscle hold for count of 30, then swap over.

3. Bend at the knee and place the foot of right leg onto the left thigh (just above the left knee) at right angle, now squat down as low as you can, feel the stretch in the hip joint, repeat other leg.

4. Knees together and soft, bend right leg up behind to butt and hold, feel the stretch in the front of thigh. This is a lovely stretch to finish repeat on left leg.

I hope these help and you are able to understand my instructions OK.


Thank you - I do similar things but have been suffering after a run with a bit of shin ache on one leg - possibly because of not leaving rest days to start off with....I know its hard when you get back to not collapse back on the sofa lol!


Agree with this but it would be useful to have a link for stretching on this website.


I have never stretched and just used the walk warm and warm down. It has worked ok for me.


Just competed my 1st session of week 1! If you go to the race for life web site there are 3 leg stretches for warm up and downs.... Btw can't wait to get to week 7!


Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there - I honestly never thought I would!


just had a look on you tube and found this in case anyone else would be interested


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