W9R3 all done - very very happy

Today I completed all thee runs and cannot believe how far I have come. To those just starting, it is worth every ache and pain, it is normal to have all those doubts while running. I have absolutely loved it. Thanks to everyone for your blogs, they have made me feel I am not alone on this journey. Looking forward to achieving 10k ??????

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  • Congratulations!!! It's an amazing feeling. Are you planning to go onto 10k next then? :D

  • Thank you and Yes, I have downloaded an app which allows me to play my own music. A friend also invited me to enter a race in September - yikes!

  • Congratulations. yes it is worth it. :-) :-)

  • Wonderful! Go and ask for your graduate badge next to your name! :)

  • Well done you, don't forget to get your green badge :)

  • Many congratulations ... One challenge down ... Whatever next? Have fun and stay fit whatever you do :) Cheers, Linda x

  • Congratulations. What an achievement. You must feel so proud of yourself. Big pat on the back :D

  • Well done, savour the feeling you've DONE it! :-D

  • Congratulations on your graduation :) All the best with your 10k plans too!

  • Oh well done. I know just how you feel! :D Really good to be able to achieve this and look forward to doing more.Congratulations. :)

  • Congratulations, you graduated.

    All the best with 10K xx

  • Well done and good luck for reaching the 10k! xxxx

  • Congratulations and good luck with the 10k :)

  • Congratulations and enjoy your next challenge. :-)

  • Congratulations! Go for 10K.

  • Cogratulations and well done....it's hard but worth every minute :) I also graduated today :-D

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