W9R3 - all done then

Just finished my graduation run, nothing fancy or spectacular (it was still 28 degrees at 06:00 here so stayed indoors), just me and an empty gym. Didn't stop after the 30 minutes and managed another 10 mins so pretty sure there's a lot more I can achieve. I'm also gobsmacked at how quickly my HR returns to normal compared to 1 week ago.

Thanks to this forum for making it doable.

Good luck to all those graduating soon and those just starting out - I'm not sure I'm addicted to running yet but I definitely don't fear it and feel good after doing it, so we'll see where I take it next.

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  • Well done! Enjoy seeing the badge next to your name when it arrives :-)

    It's a great achievement so relish in the glory today.

  • Congratulations :-)

  • Great run, very well done! :)

    As I've just written in another comment though, be careful about doing too much too soon. Try not to increase your running time/distance by more than 10% in a week. I'd advise dropping back to 30 or 35 minutes (the latter being a generous 10% increase on 30 mins) and then building up gradually from there.

    I'm sure there's lots more you can achieve - have a few comfortable runs and then work out what you want to do to keep your motivation going.

  • Huge congratulations!

  • Congratulations. Hope the outside temp cools for you soon... more chance of loving running :)

  • Congratulations! Wonderful work x

  • Great stuff, enjoy future running.

  • Fantastic, well done! Enjoy your running x

  • Well done! Enjoy the happy glow!

    If it's any comfort, the weather in England is chilly, damp and disgusting at the moment...

  • Congratulations mattm. Very well done

  • Well done on your achievement and getting fitter, I am sure you have accumulated more than 9 weeks of benefit for you 9 weeks of effort. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Well done! Its my graduation run tonight! It's fantastic isn't it how in a relatively short time your fitness levels improve.

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