Back in time to w4

I've been doing well with the program and haven't needed to repeat any runs and fingers crossed have been injury free so far. My sister-in-law has finally agreed to come along with me but even though she was a runner 10 years ago, we picked an earlier week to start with. If running alone I'd have done W7R3 this evening.

We jumped in at w4r3 as she's a heathy slim lass who is built for running (I secretly hate her lol). She did really well and as she had a faster pace she really showed me that I can in fact speed up. I thought I'd find going back 3 weeks easy but I was just as red faced as normal.

I don't want to pause completely but it was a pleasant surprise to try intervals again. But I'm keen to graduate with my park run in 2 weeks so I'll try and get out again tomorrow, aches permitting of course.

Well done to the rest of the week 7 clan who are now onto week 8 - I hope to be there soon.


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