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W4 Complete! Having a blast!


So, I’ve only gone and done it!! Sacré bleu! 😱 (I’m not French, but it’s fitting!) Oh yes, I do know I’ve got some way to go and I think W5 might be a bit of a brute, but I thought that about W3 and I totally surprised myself. That’s what’s so great for me. Unlocking my self-imposed limitations on every run. 🙌🏽

A couple of thoughts shared on the forum that have worked for me:

Are you still breathing? Pulse (check); Air (check)! Well, get your butt out there! Just take it slow and embrace the snail! No Speedy Gonzales! (Yes, I’m of that era! And I don’t think I’ll ever be like the Road Runner either, but you never know, one day...maybe)

A “bad” run is a “better” run than sitting on the coach. (Providing you’re not in physical pain! Mental pain - well.....you can shut up! 🤐)

It’s a change for life, not just for today.

You’re not alone, there is someone out there, just like you, just where you are now and of course, those who have only gone and done it! 😁 Thank you to all of those great examples, for sharing and encouraging.

My own: Be easy on yourself, have good humour, laugh at yourself and just have fun! Remember that you’re doing it!

I hope all of this stands me in good stead for the week ahead. It’s nice that W5 starts on a Friday! It’s a really great way to start the weekend! Pumped!! ❤️

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Well done! You are doing fantastic and your mentality is perfect correct! Keep up the great work and the encouragement of others doing the same. X

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Evertonchick

Thank you Evertonchick! We’re certainly doing it! That’s what counts! ❤️


Dear Lord!! It only seems like yesterday that you were asking whether your trainers went on your hands or your feet. And you borrowed my sports bra. [Spoiler Alert] And you're about to hit the Week of 20 mins continuous running.

Where did our lives go? O tempora, o mores. As some Old Dude once said. I think.


Fabulous450Graduate in reply to sallenson

Dear Lord is correct!! 😱 I hope you don’t want the sports bra back! 😁

sallensonGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

I'll have an update in my next post...😂😂


Well done! Glad it's going well! You will smash the rest!! 😁

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Ang33333

Thank you Ang! I’m going to try my very best to!! ❤️❤️

Good luck with week 5. Your only 1 run behind me! We've got this! 👍😀🏃🏿‍♀️

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to chelsea007

You too Chelsea! Let’s do this!! 👌🏽😁😁😁❤️


Well done fab ..you have got great optimism ...You will kick week 5s butt go girl ...All the best to you 😊😊

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Myrar

Thank you Myrar!! Same to you too! We’re both going to kick some butt to graduation and beyond!! 😂❤️!

MyrarGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

We surely will ..Bring it on ...Graduation here we come ..Will be here soon enough for you it will fly by 😊😊 enjoy 😊


Woohoo! You will dance through week 5 with that attitude :-)

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Eiralas

Thanks, as always Eiralas. I’m not expecting W5 to be easy Eiralas, but I’m not giving up!! I hope to just keep surprising myself, over and over again! ❤️

EiralasGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Just take it one run at a time, slow and steady as always - each one gets you ready for the next x

You're doing great, well done!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to TallulahTot

Thank you so much! We all are doing great just going for it!! ❤️


Hi Fabulous I've got my first w5 run tomorrow. Hope yours goes well xx

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to SANDI_runs

Hey Sandi!! Great stuff! You’re going to love W5. Ive completed the programme now, but I am still running every other day and due out for my next run tomorrow. Post grad run 11! The time does fly!! Keep going and enjoy!! 😁😁❤️

SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks Fabulous. Really enjoying c25k so far. Never in a million years did I think I would've got as far as I have. But with a bit of grit and determination and such a supportive network of people here I know I will complete this. Onwards and upwards x

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to SANDI_runs

Yes you will SANDI!! More amazing feelings in store too! ❤️


Amazing! I just finished W4 yesterday and feeling just the same! x

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