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Tried to go running today after my ankle injury of last Monday. Did the warm up then decided I would run for 5 mins walk for 3 and then run again for 5 and see how my ankle felt. Walking OK, 1st run sort of OK, did the walk in between then went to run again and the pain was awful, so stopped straightaway. So annoyed as I don't even know what I have done or how it happened?

The pain is down the outside of my anke and very tender to touch. When not running the pain comes and goes, I think it's getting better and then it starts hurting just as bad as when I first felt the pain a week ago.

Oh well I suppose I'll just have to rest it : (

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Poor you. Has anyone mentioned RICE? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Not that I've used it, but it might help. Maybe worth doing some internet searching to find out what it might be - have you turned your ankle at all? I had a sharp pain in my ankle a week or two ago, when I tripped over a bramble, but luckily for me it went away and didn't come back.

Hope you get it sorted out soon, or maybe get a physio or dr to look at it.


As you suggest, I am currently sat here with leg up with a bag of frozen peas on my ankle. That is what is so annoying, I didn't stumble or anything it just started to hurt,then the next day it was really tender to touch. I am going to go to the Drs later in week. Thanks for advice.


Hello - much sympathy for your ankle :( Just a thought, as you don't know what's caused it - have you had gait analysis? Are your trainers right for you? I know it made such a difference to me when I had it and bought new trainers at the end of Week 3 - all my shin pain and knee pain went away in the very next run. I hope the pain goes away soon.


Thanks Annie for advice re gait analysis. As soon as I can run again I will go down to the running shop and get it done. Went to Drs today, he thinks Ive stretched or torn the tendons. Ibuprofen tablets and gel for a week and rest and ice it. He said it should hopefully be better in a fortnight.. Fingers crossed. I signed up for the race for life on 16 June and I'm nowhere near being able to run that distance! :-(


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