Is running contagious??

Yesterday, we went for a lovely walk in the hills. We were playing hide and seek with the kids, and it was my husbands and my turn to hide. I started running down a hill to find somewhere to hide and blow me I heard my husband running after me! Now this may not sound like anything unusual, but my husband NEVER runs! I could hear him huffing and puffing close behind me (was he trying to keep up?), and I couldn't turn round or I may have laughed and put him off!!

What's happening?? First it was the swimming (he is taking lessons - after a HUGE amount of grumbling), and now he's trying out a little run!!! Ha! Ha! Makes me laugh just thinking about it!

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  • Running is contagious,

    you catch it like the flu,

    When someone ran past me today,

    I started running too.

    I ran around the corner,

    and someone saw my grin -

    When he ran I realized,

    I'd passed it on to him.

    I thought about that run,

    then I realized its worth,

    A single run, just like mine,

    could travel round the earth.

    So, if you feel a run begin,

    don't leave it undetected -

    Let's start an epidemic quick

    and get the world infected!!!

    Some of you may recognise the original version of this ditty, I simply substituted' running' for the original 'smiling'.

  • Awesome Swanscot! Thought it looked familiar :D Could you perhaps set it to music and then it could become our anthem for C25K? Linda x

  • Brilliant, swanscot and I guess that answers your question too petal. :)

  • It is petal!! My OH now quite regularly joins me for a run and has even been the one to suggest going out on some occasions ;) The irony of it is though that he can quite happily keep going when I am knackered and he doesn't even train for it......grrr! You better watch out! ;)


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