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W4 R1 .... Went ok


I lay in bed this morning, still a little chesty after the cold, but it hasn't affected me too badly, I was looking at the sun through the window trying to talk myself into breakfast before a run .... A delaying tactic.

Anyway I got my kit on and took Laura out for the first run of week4.

It went pretty well, nothing I struggled with and think my breathing is getting easier .....

I got home and grabbed a glass of water and headed for the Wii fit, so I can do my weekly weigh in. I have been dieting to get running and now doing both.

I have today officially lost 3 stone, completed a run I am really happy with and the sun is shining.

Happy Monday

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That's brilliant. Have you given yourself a pat on the back? I'm looking forward to writing my week 4 blog. Isn't it good to be in sunshine!


Congrats on the weightloss (how did you do it?) and on getting out that door today! :-)

Quaker porridge pack, the 2 minute microwave ones.

Have one for breakfast and one for lunch made with water, evening meal as normal just watch portion size.

Losing around 1lb every 2 days

Plenty of fresh fruit and cold water

Also playing 1 hr of squash per week

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