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To hot!?!

So after months of moaning about the cold I went for my first run yesterday which I failed because of over heating.... Hadn't realised how much the cold had been pushing me on to run to warm up...

Any advice ? I tend to run just before dinner and couldn't run early morning or evening....

I was wearing a cotton t-shirt and thin long cotton leggings with normal socks (I can't wear ankle socks as I have to wear an ankle strap!)


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I was surprised when I first started running last year that cotton is not the best fabric to wear. Cotton absorbs moisture and becomes heavy. Running wear tends to be man made fabric with wicking qualities, keeping the moisture away from your skin, resulting in a more comfortable run. You don't have to spend a fortune Karrimor (from Sports Direct) tops and running tights/capris are reasonable priced.


As bettyjane suggested, you will find the wicking fabric will keep you more comfortable. Even with the ankle support, are you willing to wear shorts? They will help to not heat you up as much as the leggings. Good luck! Gsyle


I had a similar experience and can sympathise. I was majorly TOO HOT when I was out running with my wife. I am used to wearing multiple layers, a hat and gloves. I was not happy to have to start pealing off all of this with watches and GPS attached to the outside, earphones not staying in withou my hat etc.. AH!

The changes are certainly not easy. I never wear cotton though as that can be sooo cold on the back.

I guess we will all have to adapt. Running shorts and a T shirt next time for me. May get some new earphones as well as always messing with them is not good for the "wa" (harmony) of the run!

Go to a running shop and you will not be able to resist the cool brightly coloured gear they have. I am now in fluorescent orange all the time and indeed now. Not sure it is a good look for someone of my age, but I don't care!


I have become a massive Sports Direct Karrimor devotee, it is so cheap but great quality, washes and dries really well.


Another vote for SD and Karrimor. Excellent kit at very good prices. And basically, I always wear less than I think I'll need. There's nothing worse than overheating!! Personally I'd much rather be chilly for a few minutes at the start. You soon warm up!

Good luck, and happy shopping!! :-D


Yes, yet another vote for SD and Karrimor lycra! It may not be flattering (well, I know it's not) but it washes and dries quickly and is very comfortable to run in. I have been running throughout the winter in just a long-sleeved top and long leggings, so heat is gong to be a challenge for me as I over-heat just walking out to my car :( I started c25k this time last year and did some of the shorter runs in the heat (remember we did have some hot days last year?) and discovered that I like running in the rain :D Go on, go for the lycra :D


Im another SD and Karrimor fan. I nearly fainted on Sunday when it was 17 degrees!. So today I just wore the jacket and the sports bra underneath, and got myself a great running bottle with a zero calorie/zero sugar drink. I drank the lot! Not sure if the red face is from the exertion or the sunburn though :-)


I braved it and went to sports direct as got some karrimor sports and a best top, could quite bring myself to the flourest colours so stuck to black for the time being! Yes I would much rather be cold too than hot that you everyone for the advise:)


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