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For any 5x50 challengers who are feeling a bit tired!

This link just arrived in my emails

"7 Hidden Signs of Overtraining"

Worth a quick read through if you're feeling a bit worn out - it starts off by saying up to 90 minutes a day :O is fine, but further on, the signs of overtraining did ring a few bells with posts I've read in the last few days. Doesn't mean you have to stop, but maybe take a few minutes to stand back and consider whether easing off a bit (eg gentle yoga or walking) might be helpful. Then again, it might just be your body beginning to adapt - but if you've been wondering whether you might be thinking of dropping out (!), this might be helpful.

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I've googled a bit more and came across this, which distinguishes between 'over-reaching' and 'over-training' - looks like we're more likely to be in the first category.

Still worth being aware of though.


I think i am just not very fit to be exercising every day- that's why it is hard!

See how I am at the end


Both make very interesting reading. I definately needed the rest on Friday. I am looking at doing something with my arms on days where I feel more tired. Most of the exercise I do focuses on the legs and I do get that heavy feeling on some days. Doing something with my arms can still be counted in the challenge and my legs can rest :) Maybe 90 mins a day is for the megafit!!! 30 mins is more than enough to be going on :-D


Try out the NHS Strength&Flex exercises (with Laura!). I've been doing them for the past 4 weeks or so and they do help... as well as not being too taxing. :-)


Thanks i will take a look at it :)


I ended up doing 60 minutes today, because I did a walk/run/walk which came to a lot less than 5k, even though it took me 30 minutes. So went for a bike ride this evening, which was pretty gentle - but I'm tired now!

I know I've done this much exercise, or more, on camping/walking holidays before - but if I think about it, maybe not for quite a few years! I'm getting older, and haven't been keeping myself fit at all.

Wonder how we'll all feel by day 50!


Goody goody, so I can back off now? ;-)

Feels like cheating somehow. Still, as they say, it's all about getting into a habit, a routine... regardless of the actual km. I felt really guilty on Friday (no km) and was beating myself up about it again today as I thought I wouldn't manage to get out... then I just did it and have been feeling marvellous ever since. 8-)


If you look at your average per day, you can probably have a week off, I should think, going on how much you did right at the beginning! :D


I have been struggling with tiredness this week, can't seem to sleep at night either.

I haven't missed doing at least 5k a day yet, but I do miss my rest days.

It's rained here for 3 days now, which is making getting out feel like an even bigger chore.


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