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Week 9, Run one done!

I've just done week 9, run one. I did it on the treadmill as it was raining, and also when I have run outside I then seem to get discomfort in my right hip, on the treadmill this doesn't seem to happen. Is this because the treadmill is sprung? The other thing I noticed was that although Laura said I had run for 30 minutes, and I was delighted, the wretched treadmill said I had only done 32 minutes including the warm up and cool down. Very odd, and very annoying as now I don't know if I have really run for 1/2 hour or not! Has anyone acutally timed the runs?

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Laura's timing is never more than a few seconds out from either my treadmill or running app... Have you somehow managed to set the podcast to play at increased speed?


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