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Thank you 5x50!


Was feeling so bad yesterday after completing my W8R2... OK, so I upped the km at the end and actually managed to run 4 km in 33 minutes, but that was due to sheer FEAR OF NOT BEING ABLE TO CONTINUE with the C25K programme. You see, I've been suffering from what I call a "wonky hip" since starting the longer runs (W6R3+). So on Friday I saw an orthopaedic guy who did what is known as a "baropodometric exam" here in Italy (gait analysis to you and me). It turns out that my left leg is completely messed up, with my right leg trying to make up for the asymmetry. Hence the pains I've felt recently. Might also be due to a hip imbalance...

So, not being one who likes going to the doctors, I felt myself being sucked into an interminable tunnel, condemned to a never-ending series of medical examinations etc. :-( My GP, on seeing the results, said in as many words "What on earth have you done to yourself?" I got really scared, my mind blowing things out of all perspective, imagining the doctors banning me from running forever, just when I've discovered how great it is. Tomorrow I'm to contact a physiotherapist and posture expert (the start of the tunnel...).

Why "Thank you 5x50"? As today's exercise for 5x50 I thought I'd play it safe and go cycling (lower impact). I was a bit worried, but the day was so sunny and spring-like, I just had to be out there. 8-)

Managed just over 19 km (the fear factor pushing me on), with a couple of stiff hills where I had to get off the saddle and push the bike, plus one ginormous descent where again I got off and, brakes on (!), walked down it...

Did some stretching on getting back home and the last session of NHS Strength&Flex week 3 for good measure...

:-) :-) :-) WOW! I haven't felt any pain in my leg since (8 hours have passed)... Feeling so much more positive!

So to all you out there... make sure you complement the C25K runs with some other form of exercise... cycling, swimming, pilates, yoga, the good old NHS Strength&Flex (seems easy-peasy, but works!)...

Tomorrow I'll see how I feel before attempting W8R3... if needs be, I'll go swimming instead. I like (and appreciate the value of) my "extra" rest days! :-)

Good luck to all, newbies and graduates, with your next few runs and 5x50 experiences.

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Great advice con-brio - thanks. Sounds like you have a new lease of life!

con-brioGraduate in reply to Malcy

Hoping it lasts... This morning all well and good. Still have to see the physio though.

Thanks again for the MalcyMeter! :-)


Glad the cycling did you so much good - emotionally as well as physically. :)

I'm really pleased that 5x50 has got me back on my bike again too. Love the bit about putting brakes on when pushing the bike downhill - that must be some hill!

All the best for your next run, hope it is smooth and pain free. :)

con-brioGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks for well wishes. As for going downhill... when a kid I lived on the top of a steep hill and always free-wheeled down, or rather I did until the day I lost control and ended up in a patch of nettles at the bottom. I've always been very nervous about going fast downhill since then! :-)

Glad that you're back on your bike too.


Hope your hip/wonky balance gets sorted ok; glad the cycling helped!

I found I was able to cycle with no problems at all even when my leg was hurting just walking, let alone running; so cycling has been my saving grace for the 5x50 this week! I'm just getting better at going downhill (daughter always laughs at me braking) I quite enjoyed the speed rush on Thursday but the wind in my face making my eyes stream was a bit scary! :-)

Hope to see in your next blog they have sorted you out and you're running in the sun again! :-)

con-brioGraduate in reply to Poppy2010

Hip's a bit better this morning, but I'll still get the physio to check it out.

I envy you being able to go downhill. I suppose it's just a case of practice and mental preparedness, just like the good old C25K... I've a mental block to deal with first (ending up in a bed of nettles as a kid). :-)


Well done for the cycling :) I'm glad that seems to have helped your hip as well. I hope that continues - still a good idea to go to the physiotherapist but hopefully s/he will be able to suggest some simple exercises to improve things for you. All the best with it - let us know how it goes.



Best of luck with your visit to the Physiotherapist. You are definitely in a great frame of mind (and better physical shape too). With a few additional exercises and adjustments, you should be able to continue running and graduate. I am starting with my strength-and-flex from today. My hips have been bothering me too, but not so really bad. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next few runs - I am doing my W7R3 in 2 days. :)

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