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Torn shoe mesh?

Hi guys, I've got a pair of new balance running shoes that I've had for a couple of years-hardly any wear though as gave up running first time round!! I've got a small tear/rip in the mesh on the front of the left shoe right where my big toe is. My toe nails aren't too long so not sure how it's happened, but.....does anyone know how to repair this? Thanks!

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I had a similar issue I just stitched it together. I's obviously not a long term thing. Or you could speak to your local shoe repairer and see what they say!



Thanks, will try stitching it. It's only a tiny hole t it's bound to get bigger!


Hi Emmalouise

My OH had the same problem with New Balance shoes and he had only had them a few months. He emailed New Balance Customer Services and they asked for the Model number (I think). They sent him a voucher for £80 to replace them - worth a try.



I holed my Brooks Green Silence in the same way quite quickly, not stitchable, my big toe actually stuck out of it and I needed to move to trail shoes anyway. I now have Adizero something or others and very quickly, big hole. I was going to try patching it with something called Shoe Glue but in practice it doesn't seem to be a problem so I've left it, didn't want to do anything that might rub. I alternate with Vivobarefoot trails - which so far haven't holed which is quite interesting.


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