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W7R2 - Run with a son


Happy belated Father’s Day to all the daddy runners and the mummies who do both jobs!

Just as an opener - my youngest son gave me he coolest present today (see photo). I also got a couple of other tops, and sweeties, but this made me chuckle. I’m a total gadget geek and at 12 he’s finally realised!

Back to the plot!

A strange thing happened today - I’ve always had what I call ‘lead legs’ where they always seem to be heavy no matter how tired, how hydrated, how well I’ve eaten. Today was no exception, but today my 19 yr old son decided he’d come with me (first time) - and he is much MUCH fitter than I! He goes to boxing three times a week and runs 5/6k as a warm up BEFORE he trains!!! (Absolute nutcase if you ask me!)

Anyway - I digress. I ran sans Laura again today as I know roughly where I need to start and stop, and more or less where the 1/2 way point is. (This the trouble with living on a farm at the end of a 1 mile track to the main road - one way out and one way in!)

So off we go, he’s quite happy jaunting along beside me like 1 yr old puppy out for his first walk of the day. I’ve already warned him I need to concentrate on breathing etc etc and I’ll have at least one headphone in and I won’t be holding a conversation. After about 4 minutes he gives up trying to start a conversation and says “you can put your other earphone if you want - I don’t mind” cheers son, I did warn you...... but it was probably another 3/4 minutes when I experienced...... well I don’t know how to describe it other than a - clicking into place! It literally felt like a motion harmony started. My legs were still heavy, but they weren’t fighting me, my breathing was flowing, my pace steady........ and I stayed there until the last 2 / 3 minutes.

Then I got real tired, real fast. My son dutifully still my side after a bit of running side ways and in front / behind me didn’t seem to notice as my pace didn’t actually falter, it just felt harder!

We kept going until the point i’d already told him we were going to stop and walk the last 0.4km (about 5 mins) - I did it, run 2 of week 7 in the bag, with my baby boy (he’s bigger than me, and I’m 6’4)

According to Strava my pace was a little slower overall, but I’d actually run for 26 minutes. So I’ll take that, thank you very much!

Luke (my 19yr old puppy) then piped up and says “do you think you could do that again dad?” WHAT NOW? I say? - “no, in about 1/2 hour or so” - I asked him if he had an oxygen tent anywhere at home - surprisingly he didn’t, so i politely declined!

Happy Fathers Running day! 🏃‍♂️

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Love it! A run with your son is the BEST dad’s day! Congrats.


The Zone arrives! What a lovely day for it to happen.

LoungeLizaardGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

honestly, that's exactly what it was like..... felt a bit weird! lol I'm so used to fighting for every step!! lol


Wow LL! What a time to be alive! Great prezzies, great run and great stature! You can join sallenson and Donna79 light bulb fitting service for those of us with diminished vertical elevations!

Anyway what a nice way to do a run on Fathers Day. Even though you were tired at the end it must have felt really good running with your enormous pup!

LoungeLizaardGraduate in reply to _SimonT_

Cheers Simon - he is a lump, but annoying lol... he skips around due to his fitness (and being almost 4 stone lighter than me!).

It was a great day!



LoungeLizaardGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay - I notice the nice shiny new badge. 🍻

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to LoungeLizaard



i got the same socks...they are comfy!!! :)

LoungeLizaardGraduate in reply to Chrisj31

Lol - they are Chris!

sallensonGraduate in reply to Chrisj31

And they have "L" and "R" on them especially for me... :-)


What a lovely story ..Warms the heart ...Very well done to you 😊😊

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