5x50 - any thoughts on a grand finale?

I've been wondering if we wanted a target or an event to act as the climax to our great team effort in 5x50.

A quick sum using data from the Malcymeter says if we keep on at the current rate with 71 team members averaging 7k per day for 50 days we will cover 24850km in total.That doesn't seem too far off a round 25000k - could we get there?

Or what about doing something special on the last day? A PB of some sort - longest or fastest run, or a location or sport you've never tried before?


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35 Replies

  • Good question :-)

    I've been running the 5ks and am a little freaked out at just what a difference it has made to my run times ..... I think 16 PBs during the 38 days so far ... but I had never seriously stepped up from 30 mins/5k apart from accidently running a 10k. I hope Sunday 19 May is a cool spring morning and I've got my eye on an outdoor, fairly leisurely 10km route just to enjoy it

  • I was thinking the same Wilma after seeing a mention on their newsletter but not sure what.

    Will be interesting to get some ideas together...


  • One of the reasons I was prompted to do the 5x50 is it ends on the day of my Race for Life. So that will be a very special event for me. I'm hoping for not too much sunshine - is that bad? Seriously worried I won't cope with heat - even running at 9pm after a warm day on warm tarmac was a bit much....

  • I finished the last one on 28th October, I had a bitterly cold walk along the beach at North Berwick.

    This time the weather should be much better, I don't know what I'll do yet though.

    I finished dead on 500k last year and it nearly killed me. I have been more relaxed this time and feel much better for it.

    I didn't keep it up everyday afterwards, but this time it feels like I could.

  • Just registered for 10k One World Run on the last day of the challenge. My first 10k race and tonight is only the second time I have ever run 10k but I am only aiming to finish (hopefully not last) rather than any great time.

    Initially i just aimed to get the daily 5k done but now I find I'm trying to go further. Maybe we could get to 25000 but I notice on Balcymeter that our Km is slowly going down as the challenge goes on.

  • Apologies Malcy that should of course read Malcymeter!

  • How about being totally, ridiculously unrealistic and saybwe each try to do a half marathon on the last day? BUT we don't need to run it all. I reckon we could run 5k and walk the rest, all in about three hours?

    60 people, x 20k = 1200k between us. But hey, even if we only averaged 10k is 600k. We can make that 25,000 total!

    I'll undertake to do it, starting 7am , walking the first 15k and running the rest to finish with a huge bacon roll by 10:00

  • I might just take you up on this since that week my long slow distance run is scheduled to be 17 km, so can do the difference in warm up and cool down walks.

  • Well, Malcy, I might join you with the bacon roll ;)

  • Well TJ, between bacon rolls and pom pomsm we should make a pretty sight.

    (I wonder whether brown sauce goes with pom poms?)

  • Pom pomsm? I mean pom poms

    And, of course you know what pom poms on a roll with all the trimmings becomes? A PLT of course!

    Oh dear - they don't get any better, do they? (:->)

  • oh my gosh. I have just plotted a potential route from where I usually join the canal, but instead of where I usually turn off, carrying on right into the centre of Oxford, and it's spot on 10K! So there and back is the distance of a half marathon. This is very tempting indeed.. I could run there and walk back.

  • YAAY - nothing to lose by giving it a try? Best of luck for a good one!

  • I remember how my legs felt like jelly after I ran an impromptu 10K a couple of weeks back. The thought of walking one more step was too much, so how I would walk 10K I do not know, but I REALLY want to try!

  • Bacon roll at the end ?

    I'm convinced :-)

    I've signed up for a 7 mile off road race on Sunday and I plan to cycle 7 miles home afterwards - does that earn me a bacon roll ?

  • Two modes means you get TWO bacon butties. You lucky girl!

  • Bliss !


  • My suggestion is we all undertake to do a special* run (since it is running that brings us to this site/team) sometime on the last day.

    *Special for some people will be a 5K or 10K race, or longer, and for others maybe we could choose to go somewhere 'special' or at least somewhere different. An off road run? Or take a bus or train some place and run back? Or run to a friend's house? Or...? To add to the occasion we could try to get a photo during the run.

  • I like the 'special place' - I think I'll start around Aberdour in Fife and head along the shores of the Forth, finishing by running across the Forth Road Bridge. The Forth Bridge (the railway one) will be on my left. I love that bridge - it never fails to bring a (real) tear to my eye when I come home from holiday. Soppy? Me? Never!

  • Ooh! Brilliant place for a run. I've not decided where I'll run. The previous day I'll be on Skye as my son is running a hill race on the Trotternish Ridge, but so far we have no plans to stays overnight.

  • I vote for this suggestion! :) I agree it should definitely be a running finale. Right I'm going to think about where to run to!

  • This is a great suggestion and gets my vote too!

    Photo? Definitely.

  • I was thinking of a photo from each of us too!

  • Great idea - maybe the source of a "last hoorah" composite?

  • Haha! Out with a bang eh?! :)

  • Definitely! Oh I'm a little sad now that it's coming to an end :(

  • Woo-hoo - go team! I will definitely be out running on your last day, and thinking about you all as I go :)

  • Like the idea of a final team photo. We could go for photos of ourselves and/or the special places.

    Swanscot seems to have been leading the way already on pics of stunning locations!

  • love the idea of a team photo and doing something special - special place, long run, different activity - whatever makes it special for the individual. I'll wear my C25k graduate top.

  • My first 'public' 10k is on the previous day at Clumber Park (I had thought it was day 50 - heyho). Not sure what state I'll be in on the last day, especially if it's warm for the 10k but I will be out there doing something :-)

  • A special run and photo sounds good to me. I shall put my thinking cap on...

  • I'm thinking of doing this: newportrunningclub.org.uk/r...

    I think it might be quite challenging and I'm a bit worried I'll crawl to the finish line and everyone will have gone home but I'm told it's very picturesque and a maybe a bit muddy - two of my favorite things about running. It's also a bit further than I've done as an off-road race before (an extra mile).

    Oh, and now I've gone totally mad, if I cycle home afterwards that's another 7 miles or so - and that's a half-marathon done :-)

  • I would definitely do it!! It will be SUCH FUN!! And a half marathon distance...now that's a big YES!! DO IT!!!!!!!

  • Oh my! I'd completely forgotten (until reminded by a fellow volunteer on our group) that I'm leading a 5-6 mile guided walk on Sunday 19th. I don't know how I forgot the date!

    So much for planning to run 20 km! The walk is mid-morning to mid-afternoon (the participants are asked to bring a packed lunch), so I suppose I'll try to do a run in the early evening. I don't know if I'll run 12 km to make it to 21 km, but may do so.

  • I'm finishing on 19th with a Race for Life with all the female staff from our school as one of our T.A.s was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer holiday - she is taking part too. All the men are coming along as cheerleaders. Will think about you all as I run!

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